Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It really makes me wonder just why it is that I can watch bloody gore and gross gross gross things on tv, yet for some reason, I cringe at the sight of a needle penetrating a person's skin.

I literally avert my eyes milliseconds before the needle goes in, and pull that I am grossed out face. But I watch with rapture as Hannibal slices his knife up the gut of Inspector Pazzi.

I just don't see where that balance is....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


1. For the smell of freshly cut grass.
2. For my shiney new bike!
3. For finding my Brandi Carlisle cd again and singing at the top of my lungs in the car to it.
4. For all these lovely sunny days we've been having.
5. For randomly running into Roseanne at the b'n'd last night in Walkerton
6. For lunching with Charlotte and Liz today :)
7. For taking chances!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Generic Adventure

When I moved up to Kincardine, I said goodbye to my health care plan. A little part of me panicked, but the bigger part of me said "really dear, when do you actually use the benefits of it?" I rattled off in my head massage therapy, the occasional dental visit, and The Pill. I decided for the short period of time I'd be sans health plan, it would be ok to nix the massage therapy and the dentist.

But I stuck with The Pill. You know, it's a handy little thing, keeps me on track, my mood somewhat level, etc, etc, we all know the benefits to being on The Pill. And it's really not too expensive to have to pay myself.

As the pharmacist here got familiar with me, he quickly realised I didn't have coverage. He asked me if I'd like to try the generic brand of the pill I was prescribed. He stated there was pretty much no difference. Why the heck not? I agreed.*

Soon after the switch, though, I noticed a difference. Actually, I noticed a couple differences, but we'll focus on the main one here. True, I have not been the happiest of campers as of late, but regardless, the ingredients of this generic brand played havoc with my emotions.

I was, for lack of better words, a raging b*tch! For the two weeks prior to my "time" it was get out of my way or be trampled over with my steam roller of anger! If you could imagine fire coming out of my mouth, laser beams darting out of my eyes and my nails scratching down the chalkboard, you're almost imagining how outrageous I was.

I had three packs of this stuff. By the time I was into the second pack, I had figured out what was to blame for my poor display of behaviour. But I am frugal. And I have a limited budget right now. I was not about to throw out the last pack and run to the store for the good stuff. I decided I'd just suck it up and take it. And in turn, make everyone else around me suffer...

Time rolled by. I marched into that drugstore and in a pleasant/I-hate-the-world manner told the pharmacist I most certainly did not want the generic brand again. "It does not work well for me," I understated to them. The woman behind the counter stifled a giggle and said she'd make sure I got what was prescribed.

Now, I have just finished a full pack of "the good stuff" and have to say....raging b*tch has died down and all is well in the world again.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*NB: I would like to point out that the generic brand was actually more expensive than the name brand of this pill. WTF? Why on earth would they ask me if I wanted it then? Sheesh!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Say what?

I really do hate it when my Grandma says to me "You will make such a good wife one day!" when I do some random household chore for them.

Maybe I should change my perspective of that comment and say "Thanks for the vote of confidence that will in fact be a wife one day..."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One, Two...la la la Seven

1. For full time hours at the Festival
2. For the fake yoga stretching that I've done a few times this week
3. For finally getting my portion of the program done!
4. For Humber contacting us to set up a meeting :)
5. For my good health
6. For my sister's belly that just keeps getting bigger with the baby inside it
7. And last, but not least....my mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nice = Nice

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the Dirt Pigs beer tent. (Yes, I AM a classy gal.) As happens to many a beer tent patron, the end of the evening was approaching and I had too many beer tokens left. What is a girl to do??

Give them away.

Dirt Pigs beer tent is in Walkerton. And how many people do I know who live in Walkerton? Not too many. My friends that I was with (aka, the few Walkerton-folk I know) had similar situations -- already had too many drinks, and too many tokens left. So it just did not make sense to pass my tokens to them.

I looked around, and my sights fell on the young man who either owns or manages the cafe in town, The White Rose. I'm not really sure just what his position is there, but I have two main thoughts about him: 1. He is always the person who serves me there, and 2. he makes the finest Americano I've ever had.

So it just made sense. I strolled over to him, and in both of our intoxicated states, I handed him a token, as a token of my appreciation. He was stunned for a moment and then gleefully accepted.

I am not lying here when I say they make the most amazing Americano I've ever had in my life. This beats the cafes in Australia (where I discovered the Americano), Starbucks (seriously, that place gets more hype than it's worth!), Second Cup, and dare I say it....Balzac's.

*Depending on my reader here, I just committed blasphemy, yikes!*

In any case, I take the opportunity whenever I am in Walkerton to go and have one of these delicious coffees. I'd say I go in there about once or twice a month. Not really too often.

Imagine my surprise when this past weekend, I drop into The White Rose for a cuppa joe, and the owner/manager/guy who takes too many shifts turns around to make my coffee, then turns back around and asks:

"Was that you who bought me a beer token at beer tent last summer?"

I was taken a little off guard, but I quickly, and happily, answered that yes, in fact that was me, because I think he makes the best coffee anywhere.

He smiled wide and said a gracious thank you. Then we spurred into a weird conversation about chemical additives to food and the wave of health conscious groups demanding healthy food.

I left the cafe feeling pretty calm and happy. It's nice to know that my silly little gesture stood out and was remembered almost a whole year later.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's like it's brand new information!! (But it's not...)

Hmm, you know the thing with writing is that I find it so much more fun when I'm doing it for fun. Go figure. So when I HAVE to do it, it's a chore and I get stumped for words. Like right now. The word document on my screen has about 200 words on it, and they don't really flow, and I need about 200 more....hmmmm...interesting how that works....

* * * * * *

And about 45 minutes later, I'm done! I find it interesting that once I make myself accountable for it, I find the motivation to do it, and the words just flow out of my fingertips and onto the keyboard like it was just meant to be. Check it out...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday

1. For a night of idle gossip with the ladies.
2. For Conestoga College accepting the program proposal I sent in!!!
3. For country drives.
4. For Walmart finally stocking Jif again :)
5. For a lovely afternoon at the Egli's.
6. For my sense of humour.
7. For rolling out my yoga mat today.