Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gone with the Wind

Well, it happened. It happened in a big way.

One of my articles ran on the front page of the paper!! (You thought it was going to be something bad, didn't you!?!?) Fantastically enough, it was the paper that came out last week on my very birthday! I'd say it was the best unintentional gift ever.

In all my joy and bliss, I decided to share this good news with two of the subjects of my article - Emily and Sophie. Now, they just happen to be two friends who are very near and dear to my heart, however, they also happened to be two people who have taught English overseas as a second language (the topic of my article). As I was heading down to London this past weekend, I thought I'd grab an extra paper and give one to Emily. There is a giant quote on the front page with her name attached to it. I thought she'd like that.

Dinner. I thought I would give it to her at dinner. But no. I forgot it.

The next morning. I thought I would drop by her house and deliver the paper. But no. Instead, the moment I stepped out into the fresh morning air, the wind whipped that paper out of the crook of my purse! It was dancing about in the wind, always three steps ahead of me. My arms were laden with overnight bags, gifts and my purse, and in as awkward waddle, I chased the paper around the parking lot.

I suddenly heard Charlotte's voice giggling at me and yelling "Just get the front paaaaaaaaaaage!!" Hmm, she had a point, at least I could get the front page. Just then, in another gust of wind, the pages from the paper began to separate from one another and I didn't know where to chase! Now that the pages were singly flying around, they were moving faster and farther out of my reach. A clump landed in a puddle, and the front page, THE FRONT PAGE rested for a moment against a fence. I thought about pouncing on it like a puma (ahem, I just turned 29, so clearly not a cougar), but the bags were wearing me down. I took another step forward and woosh! it was gone.

Sigh....again Charlotte's voice "That paper just wasn't meant to get to Emily..."

So. Here it is. Online. Have a read.

And I went out today and bought a NEW paper, this time I will make sure it gets to Emily's house!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Servin' up Sunday

1. For signing the paperwork on my fabulous new car!! (I get it April 21!)
2. For getting the request for my letter of application from Conestoga.
3. For spending a fab day with family members on my birthday.
4. For the tower of cupcakes that mom made me instead of a cake...mmmm....
5. For the great weekend in London celebrating my birthday with my friends.
6. For Eastside Mario's Linguine Chicken Tetrazzini...my carb craving has been satisfied!
7. For having my article run on the front page of the paper this week -- that was the best unintentional birthday gift ever!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You would think by now that I would have realised that no, I can not completely control life. There are too many influences and people around me, that no matter how hard I try, I can not control them.

Not to suggest that this is a post strewn with negative notions, but rather, it's a realistic idea. I firmly believe that I am in control of my own life, that I am the Queen on the chessboard, not just a pawn to be moved around and taken out for the will of someone else.

But still. Twenty-nine is just a couple hours away and where am I? I seem to have been struggling with the 'where am I?' endless question for quite a while now, if you have failed to notice. And let's be obvious, I think we all have noticed.

While I seem to be floundering a bit, I also seem to be feeling that something is making sense. True, I wish that it entirely made sense, especially at moments-from-twenty-nine, I recognize that I am not the only one in my situation.

In my foundering-like ways, I looks for signs to tell me that I am at least heading in the right direction. Two days ago, I experience the best sign of all time.

There I was, zipping along highway nine at eleven o'clock, singing along to Johnny Cash's version of "Personal Jesus." The words "reach out and touch faith" were spilling out of my mouth as my eyes landed upon a shooting star stream it's way across the night sky. A grin grew across my face and my thoughts settled and heart warmed.

It was my sign that something was right. That I just need to be patient and let it all fall into place. I may not be where I thought I would be, but that's ok, it's on the way.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

1. For the anticipation of Spring's arrival.
2. For the great layout that KSF has in the Visitor's Guide
3. For the Joe Fresh rainboots that are coming my way! Woo woo!!
4. For finding out that my 3 year old niece still goes around saying I'm her favourite aunt -- even when I'm not there to prompt her.
5. For catching up with friends whom I haven't seen in years.
6. For having a friend who told me I am her most put together friend she knows (HA!).
7. For finding out the little baby bean in my sister's belly has a strong heartbeat :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Sevens

Finally this year feels like it kicking into gear!! January and February were soooooo sluggish, but now it's half way through March, and it's just charging forward!!! I am grateful this time around for the quickening pace!

1. For having a friend that has been in my life for over 20 years. She's pretty much the only one I've got from childhood!
2. For spending time with my mom, just chillin' not talking business.
3. For the multitude of desserts my mom bought me, and it's not even my birthday yet!!!
4. For the tour of the local mirco-brewery.
5. For the helpful ladies at Conestoga College who are putting my mind at ease over the simple process of applying to the post-grad program which I seem to be anxious about.
6. For the carb filled meal I had yesterday...mmmm.....
7. For having wonderful grandparents who look out for me and have my best interests at heart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Embrace the moment

Do you know what I love? Hugs. That's right, hugs. I would happily join those Free Hugs people that randomly hit up public places.

I grew up in a house where hugs ran rampant. Arms embracing torsos with the joy of love was the key physical activity in my home. When I left the nest for uni, I severely missed getting my regular dose of hugs. So much so, that I hugged my new friends with a frequency that made me seem weird. I toned it down a little. By my last year, I was living with some friends from home - people who I was entirely 100% comfortable around. So I introduced Hug Time.

Hug Time did not go over as well as I had hoped, but it sure did provoke a lot of entertainment. (Such as me running around the house trying to hug roommates who were laughing hysterically and yelling at me to stop hugging them!)

As I got older, living in more of a solo environment and adult world, the hugging lessened. As did the desire for hugs. I was not prepared to hug my coworkers with the enthusiasm and sincerity that I hugged my family and friends.

I still love hugs, but I take them as they come now. I no longer feel the need to hug someone every time I leave the house. It's still nice, but still...not necessary. Instead, I view hugs as a delightful treat to my day, should I receive one.

Lately, seeing that I have moved back up to the homefront, I am running into people that I haven't seen in a long time. And they give me tremendous hugs. Hugs which I savour and walk away feeling absolutely, positively, wonderful.

Hugs. They really are the best. Go hug someone, it will make their day and yours!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Want vs need? Let's just be thankful.

I've just got to say this. I generally stay away from this kind of rambling, but...

Today on Ellen, she had a segment about finance and the current economic situation. In true Ellen style, she was pulling a fast one so that she could offload a ton of freebies to a select audience member. Which, if I might interrupt myself, God bless her soul for using her position in the entertainment world to constantly give away stuff like that and help people out.

However, the point I am working towards is that she had a financial advisor on the show, and posed the interview that she would take audience questions. The woman, whom I am sure is representative of many people (which is going to press my point further), spoke on her concern over the economy. Her situation is that she and her husband bought a house last year before things were going south, hubby lost his job, but got a new one, and they have yet to move into the new home. She wanted to know from the financial guy what kind of options they have, as they are stretched.

Mr. Finance, as it turns out, is a just a guy who works for Ellen - it's part of the ploy to give away the free stuff. But before this is revealed, he asks her something and she says that they haven't moved because they have nothing to put in the new house. He then scratches his head, looks at Ellen, and says something like, 'can you give her a toaster, maybe? I don't know...'

I'll stop summarizing the show now.

This is what stumped me. Here is this woman, who had just stated that both she and her husband are employed, making decent money. The have a place to live now, and own a home otherwise. Yet, they won't move into the new house, because it's empty. I realise there is more to this story than this, but still. I wonder....what the hell is in the house they are living in right now??? Are they eating off of cardboard boxes? Are they sleeping on a scattering of grocery bags? Somehow, I would suspect they have furniture aplenty in their current residence, but it's not the new shiny stuff they want.

Hate is a strong word, but, I think it's safe for me to say that I hate it when people use situations beyond their control to blame and take advantage. Yes, I recognize the economy is not at it's best right now, but the majority of North Americans are living in heated homes, with running water and food in the cupboard, and clothes on our backs. They might not be the newest clothes, but what is wrong with last year's wardrobe?

Yet here she is, thinking that she is absolutely stuck in a futile situation. Gifts from Ellen is not going to help her. Realising that life ain't so bad is.

All I can do is scratch my head and remember that my own life....it ain't so bad.

Slackerville's Sunday Sevens

1. For finishing the book Eat, Pray, Love. Finally a book that actually lives up to the praise it's been given!
2. For being able to wear my jeans and Puma's to work just because I want to.
3. For the excitement of eBay - even though I never actually bid high enough to 'win,' I still get pretty excited at the thought that I actually might :)
4. For the way that the sunshine warms up the inside of my car even when it's so c-c-c-cold outside!
5. For wonderful smelling soaps and shampoos that they put in hotel rooms.
6. For sushi and wine for dinner!
7. For being able to spend an evening with a friend I haven't seen in ages!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sevens Cinco

1. For pancakes on Pancake Tuesday!! (Which, by the way, I've decided to give up NOT flossing for Lent...good one, eh?!?!)
2. For my editor at the paper who has been thinking my ideas for articles lately are good!
3. For how easy it is to make my Grandma smile :)
4. For my copy of the cd I made Erin - it's just so random, it puts me in a good mood when I listen to it.
5. For these sunshiney days we've been having.
6. For opening the new jar of peanut butter - I've been anxious to finish up the last one, cause the new one is crunchy!!
7. For finding out that one of my bf's has finally moved into her own apartment, which makes her so incredibly happy, which makes me happy!