Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shark Week

"I think it is very exciting that a man-eating shark has been spotted off the coast of Cornwall," Mr Baxter, an Australian marine biologist said.

I don't know about you, but if I was taking a holiday in England and spotted a man eating shark at the beach, I would head for the hills. In fact, I would head for the hills in any country where I spotted a shark at the beach. This article I just found on Nine MSN tells how there is potentially a great white shark up there, even though England is not the typical playground for these sharks.

I have to admit, I am fascinated by sharks. I love watching documentaries about sharks and different programs, and I love love love Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.


I am also terrified of sharks. And I say that is rightly so. Um, my flailing legs, their sharp teeth, it just does not paint a pretty picture. Have you not seen Jaws??? Do you not watch CSI Miami?? I like to play it safe most of the time, and have been known to behave like a chicken. Right before I left for Australia, I was invited to go sailing on the Great Barrier Reef with the family I was originally bunking with shortly after my arrival. I was pretty damn excited. Excited until my mom said "Oh! If you have your period, don't go in the water!!! There are sharks!!!!!!!!! They will sniff you out!!"

Now, I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but my mom is a professional psychic. And when she gives out warnings, sometimes, it is hard to decipher if she is being a protective mom, or if she has been struck with some intuition that I am going to die a horrible death by being eaten by a shark.

So there I was. There we were. Sailing upon the ocean blue, singing silly folk songs to each other and losing our hats to the wind and ocean. A family of four, plus two. That makes for five people all trying to coax me to jump off the damn boat and get in water because there are no flippin' sharks around. Woo-woo Melissa, watch out for that sea cucumber.

So I relented. I was safe, it was good time for me to go in....no reason for a shark to 'sniff me out'. (Damn you mom...). I snorkeled and swam. I recited in my head in my fake French accent "Welcome to Jacques Cousteau's underwater adventure..." and made up names for all the pretty fish and coral I saw. It was quite hysterical in my head, I assure you.

And there were no sharks. I survived~we all survived! In fact, most people who go to the beach survive because sharks are not attacking them. Ahhh....my crazy imagination.

But I will add this, to emphasize what a chicken I am. Later in the year, MJ and I went to Byron Bay for a week, she took surfing lessons. I did not. I was still scared of being eaten by a shark....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Counting Down

I have 19 working days left at my job. Sigh of relief.

But I still have not found a new job yet. Sharp breath of panic.

Moving in exactly 36 days. I have packed two boxes and a suitcase of my winter clothes. Not very good progress. I have not arranged for movers yet, nor have I called to cancel my phone, my hydro, or set up new phone or hydro. Eek.

My plans involved having a new job to start in 38 days. This better work out.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Call of the Day

Me: "Good afternoon, Melissa speaking."

Caller: "Hi! I just got your new directory. We used the new attractions feature to find something to do for a day activity with the kids. Will you look on page 38?"

Me: "Sure thing."

Caller: "Ok, now check out the park you have listed in the bottom corner. Just read through it."

Me: "Ok."

So I read. It looks ok to me, sounds like a nice place to visit. You can go kayaking, paddle boating, picnicking, hiking. There is even a playground for kids.

Me: "Ok, sounds like a nice place."

Caller: "Well, that's what I thought. A nice family day. We paid $20 a person to get in."

Me: "20 bucks per person, wow!"

Caller: "Yup. Only to find out once we were inside and parked that it's a clothing optional resort..."

Me: "Hmmm....really?? Trying to suppress laugh.

Caller: (He's starting to laugh now) "Do you think you could indicate that in the write up next year?"

Me: "Yeah, I think we can do that. In fact, I think we probably should...."

And then we both laughed together for about 30 seconds. Then had an awkward moment, and I thanked him for letting us know.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Gist of the Conversation

As msn'd earlier this week......

Me: Yeah, it's messed...growing up

Simon: Yeah, I think I want to change things

Me: Like what?

Simon: I want to go back to school or something.


Simon: I'm going to sell out of the company so I can do that.

Me: Are you kidding??

Simon: No, for real.

Me: Hmmm.....and what do you want to go to school for?

Simon: Environmental Management

Me: That's pretty cool.

Simon: I could apply to school anywhere....Here in Australia, or New Zealand, the UK...


(As I search for the York and U of T post grad websites to send him the links)

Simon: I could, lol!

Me: Ha. Ha. Ha. So selling out, eh??

Simon: Yeah, I don't want to be tied down

Me: TIED DOWN!?!?!?!? Does this mean you are NOT going to marry me after all!?!?!?!?

Simon: Geographically, Melissa, geographically....

(Breathe a sigh of relief)

Simon: So would you ever live in New Zealand????

  • I'm pretty sure that meant he is going to propose to me. Any day now. I've finally worn him down. Thank heavens.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just In Case...

If you have been wondering, I have 25 days of work left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woop Woop!!!!!!!

And just a little something more....

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have low extroversion.
You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.
A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.
You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have high agreeableness.
You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.
Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.
You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have low neuroticism.
You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.
Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.
Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.
You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.
But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.
You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

My two cents on this....
  • Ahh, further proof that I am intelligent
  • Fabulous that I am not very neurotic
  • My post I just put up says I am not very organized. I might have to reconsider since this test says otherwise, and since it's a test from the internet, it must be true....

It goes over there, in that box. No, not that one....

I crave organization. I want things to be neat and orderly; a place for everything and everything in it's place. Yet somehow, I never manage to actually get organized very well. Instead, my stuff becomes a clutter and I get annoyed at it. I attempt to organize, put things in piles, throw out unnecessary items....and then I get distracted and forget to finish.

So. When I move, I am going to make better attempts at staying organized. Perhaps buy some boxes, shelves etc to help me stay organized. Ikea seems like a great place to find these things. I have already purchased one of those cloth shelf things that you hang in the closet, but still need some clothes storage boxes, like these ones, because I have too much crap to shove in my closet now, and it would be nice to actually go in the closet and have some room to see what is really in there.

It's true, the thought of organizing thrills me.

Definitely need a shoe organizer. Well, actually, need several. Turns out Jen has a plethora of shoes as well. And I'm kinda pumped that I am going to buy this shelf unit too. I'm going to buy two of them, one for each side of the bed. They aren't very flash or anything, but I'm on a budget here....you know what I'm saying... Hence the Ikea items.

Jen seems like a rather tidy, organized girl herself. I've gotta do what I can to keep up.

At least the packing to get ready to move will help out in the purging department. Get rid of stuff I don't need. I went through my closet and dresser the other day and filled a big garbage bag with clothes I don't wear any more (though some of them I truly love, and had to fight with myself to give them up), which I am going to bring over to the women's shelter sometime soon. I might as well clean out my jewellery boxes too--so much junk jewellery that I don't wear anymore. Hmmm....I see this going well. This is probably why I like to move so much, gives me a chance to purge.

Yes, moving forward, I will be an organized woman. Starting in September. I can still be slovenly until then. And I'll enjoy every last minute of it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Presents for who?

This coming weekend is my soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower. I've already picked up their gift--some swank 460 threat count sheets (hello, they will be sleeping on heaven, it was hard not to buy any for myself), extra pillowcases in a different shade, and a throw that matches the extra cases. All done up pretty in a linen basket. Done and done, perfect present I say.

But here is my dilemma. I know it's a celebration of Mike and Jen. But do I buy Olivia a present too?? I mean, how is sweet little Olivia going to feel watching her mommy open present after present and know that not one of those is for her?? Blenders and babies, not a good mix. Negligees and babies, not a--oh wait, that is how the baby got there in the first place.

So while I know that I can buy little Livvy a present any time I want, would I be a bit much to shower her with gifts at her mom's shower?? I just might have to.

Then again, she might be satisfied with the ribbons and bows from all the presents. Maybe I'll just get an extra fancy bow and give that to her.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lists upon lists

I don't know what it is about the summer time that keeps me so busy. I get frazzled easily and have moments of 'ohmygoodnessthereisnotenoughtime' just like Jessie Spano every now and then, that I don't experience in the fall, winter or spring.

And yes, I know that I have some big things on my list this summer, but that doesn't explain why my past 4 summers have been hectic times. The invitations/requests/demands seem to multiply when the heat goes up.

I am trying to keep on top of everything I need to do. Lately, I've resorted to writing out lists of things I need to do. And they really have been helping me. I've been quite productive lately actually, which always elicits an inward smile. However, last night, I strayed from the list--went out for dinner, sat on my rear watching Sex & the City (it was the ones where Carrie first met Aidan, how could I turn those off???), and whitened my teeth with Crest Strips (which I must say, don't work since I am too forgetful use them more than three days in a row...good job Melissa, good job...). When bedtime rolled around, I didn't even hit the hay--instead I stayed on my laptop and msn'd with Simon down in Australia. All productiveness went down the drain, unless you count the further convincing of Simon that we should marry as an achieved goal. (Which, he said he told his mom of my plans, and she laughed. No Bev, you're supposed to tell Simon that is a fine idea.)

I haven't written my list of things to do for tonight. Perhaps I'll just use last nights.

Home Sweet Home

I have had some great luck in the past when it comes to finding places to live. It usually goes along to lines of seeing only a few places, and bam! I've found a great place!

This weekend was no different. The very first apartment we looked at shone like a jewel in the sky. The moment we walked it, I just knew it was the apartment to be. A little flutter in my heart, a little jump in my step. Decent living space, two bedrooms about the same size, recent renovations, closets bigger than my current closets. How is a girl to say no to that? And ironically, it's in the building where Jen already lives~talk about an easy move for her!! So she's already in with the landlord, and 'trusts' the building. The coolest part of this apartment is the main wall in the living room has a bamboo feature on it~strips of bamboo running the length of the wall, floor to ceiling. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the bamboo stays.

I haven't lived in an actual apartment building for a few years now. While the building is still small, (I think it's somewhere around 26 units), it will be an adjustment. For the past two years, I've only had my landlords who lived on the main floor of the house-turned-apartment to worry about. No real worries about noise, about sketchy or bothersome residents wandering around*, about sharing laundry facilities with others (oh my, it will be painful getting used to that again!)....all that stuff that comes with apartment buildings.

The other apartments we saw, I literally walked into each, took a quick glance and said in my head "ummm...I don't think so." I had my mind made up, and prayed to God and all his friends up there that Jen was in the same mind frame. Luckily....she was. Though there was one apartment she really wanted to see across the street, but the landlords didn't ever call us back. Though I'm sure it still would not compare! LOL!!

Did I mention how insanely affordable this place is???

It kind of feels like it did when I first moved to this city. I only looked at one apartment, though I had a slew of appointments set. It was that same flutter, same jump. I turned around to the super and asked if I could sign the lease right then and there. Though I only lived there for a year, I really loved it. But the notion of fun times with a roommate was creeping in, and I left my one bedroom behind.

Roomie-ville has proven to be way too fun, and kind of cheaper (though, having a roommate means there is always someone who will agree to go out for dinner, to go out for a beer or two...having a roomie means there is always someone around to spend money with. So maybe it's not that much cheaper. Eek!!) But the fun overrides the spending. And now nearly 3 years later, I don't think I would go back to living alone if the option presented itself.

When I got home on Sunday, I packed two boxes. I was on a roll, and it felt great! In just a month and a half I will be a resident of Toronto; I will be a city dweller (oh wait, I am one of those right now...) in an awesome apartment with a brand new roomie.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

*In the first building I lived in here, my elderly neighbour, Sally, was the chattiest neighbour ever. I suspect she suffered from Alzheimer's disease or something similar, as she could not ever remember my name or anything about me, just that I was her neighbour. She would catch me in the hallways and fire away endless questions, only to ask the same ones the next week. Though she always remembered my friend Mary Jane when she stopped by...Oh Sally...bless your dear soul.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Growing....Growing....Grown up

The facts of life have been hitting me hard lately. They have slapped me in the face and stated so clearly "You are a grown up" that there is no denying it.

I have been waffling through life for several years now, accepting my responsibilities but not really taking notice of them. Now I am staking them as my own--taking claim on what is mine and what is expected of me.

And it makes my heart race. Both in panic and in excitement.

During the past few months, I feel like I have shed my 'kid status' skin. And that the decisions I am currently in the midst of--such as quitting my job without having another one lined up, and packing up my life and moving to Toronto--that while on one hand seem irresponsible, on the other hand....make me feel like a grown up. I am taking the steps I want to take, I am taking control of the direction of my future. I have been overcome with some inexplicable self confidence that feels great.

One thing that has opened my eyes is the continual application to jobs. I have revamped my resume so many times now, and sent endless cover letters, that with each revision, I have found a little more value in my work experience each time. When I spell it all out in letters to head hunters, I read it again and think wow....I should be able to get a rather good job with all these things I've done!! I should not be thinking in terms of applying for administrative assistant jobs, I should be aiming higher, I deserve better, I can do better.

And feeling like that, makes me feel less like a kid and more like an adult.

But not everything is coming up roses. There are also negative situations that make me realize I'm not a kid anymore. Having friends who are not only getting married, but having friends who are also getting divorced--or at least, separating. That is a decision that one does not come to lightly. This is a grown up situation, and it's sitting right in front of my face. In fact, it's picketing around in front of me, signs so blatant and large--Deal with the facts, Melissa, you aren't a kid anymore and neither are your friends. So we all have to face life together, taking one stride at a time, and each step is farther away from those youthful days when what mattered most was who liked who, and what you and your bestest were going to do that weekend.

What else screams I am growing up? My new concern over my bank balance, and my sudden urge to get a control over my ill spending habits. About a year and a half ago, maybe two, I suddenly lost track of my good budgeting skills, and haven't managed to find my way back. Summer time never helps either, it's just too easy to spend spend spend in the summer. I have pull back on those reigns.

But alas. I will only look forward, and balance out the good and bad as best I can. I will accept this new found adulthood graciously.

Mostly, anyways.


Ok. I really do want to move, don't get me wrong. But for the past few days I've been walking around my kick-ass apartment screaming in my head "Why the hell am I leaving this awesome apartment???? I love it and I won't find another one like it!!!!!!!!!"

It's a just a momentary panic. It will pass. Take a deep breath.

I am going to Jen's this weekend and we are going on a bit of an apartment hunt. We will find an apartment just as amazing as mine is right now.

Keep you fingers crossed for me.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thirty-three days of what...

Armed with the information that I only have 33 work days left at my current job, I should feel an extra surge of 'git-r-done', so that I can leave this position in a neat, orderly manner. But rather, I am feeling a bit worn. I look at the list of open claims I have, and sigh....I don't really want to speak with these disgruntled clients who feel they have been wronged so.

Instead I would just like to pray the problems will go away. But I know they won't. So I'll buckle down and prove my worth here for 33 more days, so that on the day that I leave they will say it's a shame I am leaving.

To which I will say Sorry Suckers! And not look back.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Date for the Date

While September is still a ways down the road, I am starting to experience a bit of panic. (Not over my impending move, which I am thoroughly delighted about.) But rather, panic of whom I am going to bring as my date to my brother's wedding.

In a combination between my poor skills of staying in touch with friends, my continual moving around, my neurotic theory that men are the plague and thus I must stay away from them or I will die a horrible death ~ a theory that I have worked very hard to lay to rest ~ and finally, my inability to say intelligent things to guys I meet, has resulted in one thing: I no longer have friends of the male variety.

Meaning I don't have anyone to act as a backup date should I fail to get a real date.

And apparently my friends feel that I just might not get one either. In fact, my dear friend Sophie feels so strong about this, she pimped off her friend Justin to me last night. She called me shortly after 9pm (shortly after she and Justin finished chugging a carbomb), and in an excited glee told me that she found my date. Justin came on the phone, and in his dazzling Aussie accent, told me that he was available for weddings and parties, and will keep the whole of September available just for me. He said it would be nice if we could meet before hand to work out the details and you know...get to know each other a bit. But that I should know he's easy going, not easy.... I was tempted to ask him if he charged a fee...

He then proceeded to give me his phone number and email address, as if he was serious. So now I ask myself, IS HE SERIOUS??? Which leads me to the thought of 'Well maybe now I have a backup...' As if I am contemplating this. As if I am contemplating Sophie's second hand date.

Wow. I need some options here folks. While I would be content to show up at the wedding with one of my girl friends, I don't really want put fuel on the fire over suspicions of which way my sexuality swings. I don't really date very much (uhh, see the reasons listed above) and when I do, I don't bring them around my family, because honestly, why would I do that? So I am always bringing a girl friend to things and it makes my family wonder. Even though I tell them, it doesn't seem to matter...grrr...families!!!! And then there is the option of going alone. Also a fine idea until I consider the guest list and cringe at the thought of my brother's weirdo friends hitting on me all night. Sigh.... So who do I have to ask? The boy....I could ask Jon, but that situation ended bizarre and while we claim to be friends, I just don't know if he would come.

I could just ask him to pimp out his friends....

Friday, July 6, 2007

Another Fornication Friday

Friday has arrived yet again. (Because I was expecting it not to!?!?!) And yet again, I whistled my way through the day, avoiding work.

Hey. When I sit in a damn cubby in the middle of the hallway, and no one is around, how are they going to know?? I am like an island out here. I still manage to get my shit done. I just get it done faster and with less effort. Only 49 days left. That is 7 Fornication Friday's that I can't wait for.

For the next week and a half, I have been appointed the task of recording all the daily payments that come in. This is a job that was once mine, one that I have happily shed to another sucker in this office. And yet here I am, agreeing to do it for the next 7 days. I believe it says sucker on my forehead.

So yes, I did the cash, answered the phone a few times and read the news online. Real news and fake news. Fake news being that of celebrities. Those people are fuckin' dumb. Honestly, why do we pay so much attention to them, and give them the gratification of that attention? All the Paris' and Lindsay's of the world should just roll over and die. (Ok, well maybe not die. No need to be so mean. They should just roll over out of the way and stay there.) This whole Britney Spears drama with her umbrella...why do we care?

Ok. Enough of the damn celebrities.

In the real news today, I found an article about an ice cream truck driver who was not-so-inconspicuously selling weed from the same truck. Bravo Mr. Dealer, nothing like providing the weed and the snacks for the munchies that are soon to follow, and then getting busted for it. Who did he image himself after? Cheech or Chong? Perhaps he would have been better to spray his truck with weed and have the potheads lick and peel the weed off the side or something. This alleged pot-peddler was spotted by local police after they had been given a tip off of his illicit selling of wares. The statement given by the officer who spoke to the man who delighted children of all ages, was that he "detected the odour of marijuana coming from the truck (along with tutti-frutti and a couple other flavours)." I'm glad that the cop gave recognition to the fact there was ice cream on board the truck. I suspect this pot-dealers dreams of becoming the king pin has gone up in smoke.....

And score for me, it's 4:48. I get to go home soon.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Footloose and Fancy Free

I went back to Winner's last night. Found the shoes, tried them on, did a little catwalk show for Sophie, and went right to the register to pay.

Ok. Now I am banning myself from the mall, from Winner's, from Home Sense, from any kind of outlet store, and I am half-banned from Walmart. (I can go there to get basic stuff like shampoo and deodorant. But that is all.)

But damn those are nice shoes. They make me feel good.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Without a Hitch

You would think that I would have posted about my great long weekend yesterday. But I needed a day to gather it all in my head and figure out the best way to spill it all. (Did I just make it seem like something exciting happened??)

For a long weekend that I came upon with relatively no plans, other than hopefully hitting up the beach, it turned out pretty damn good.

First of all, I returned all those cases of empty beer bottles, which covered about a third of the cost of a new case. So that was pretty sweet. Sophie was my hero and pushed the cart full of cases ;) After our Beer Store extravaganza, we went back to my place, and in usual fashion, made a vegg-o meal for Sophie's dining pleasure, and drank copious amounts of alcohol. Remember the way you drank in your early 20s? Well....that is how I drink when I am with Sophie. Because she is in her early 20s, so why not join in. And as usual, we took a ridiculous amount of pictures of ourselves and nearly peed our pants giggling in my apartment. Had a fabulous time at the bar, met some funny (and some not so funny) folks, and danced the night away to a No Doubt inspired band.

Saturday was spent looking for a shower gift for my brother and Jen, and trying not to buy things for myself. Which I failed at miserably. I bought new lip chap, which I can not live with out. My current brand of the moment is the Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector* which I love love love. And then I had to buy new face soap~I've pretty much been using Clinique products since I was old enough to figure out that I should be washing my face on a regular basis. And then there's the plan to go the beach, so I had to buy a new beach towel since the one I have is a child-sized ugly one. (Oh man, this new towel is awesome. It's bright blue, and has a terry-towel snail appliqued onto it at the bottom!!). Made the plan right after that purchase that I should escape the mall since I wasn't finding their present and go to Winner's. Always a bad plan. Why did I go into the shoe aisle? Why did I look at the wallet shelf?? All I needed was to find some sheets or something. Honestly. Did I find sheets for them? No.... And then I thought I'd get them some fun patio things, but I couldn't find enough to make a fun set. So scrap that. Then I argued in my head for about 10 minutes to put the shoes back (but they fit so nice!!) and not spend any more money on myself. And I obeyed my responsible self. But then the wallet caught my eye. It's so awesome!! It's a Matt & Nat wallet, and it doubles as a clutch with a nifty detachable wrist strap....ahhhh, how could I turn that down. Even my responsible self said "Melissa buy it right now." And I'm not gonna lie to you, I might go back and see if the shoes are still there.....I have an addiction.

Well that was too much info about my failed shopping trip. Woops.

Anywho, Saturday Erin and I got a last minute invite to go camping, so that night we drove up to Bayfield and met up with some buddies at someone's trailer and camped it out for the rest of the weekend. Typical bonfire on the beach, drunken guys lighting fireworks too close to the group, lounging around all day, hitting up the tiny beach town to eat and look in the shops....you know how it goes. Everyone was couples, with the exception of Erin and myself, and Keith and Jeff. Saturday night all the couples went to bed and just us single kids stayed up til dawn drinking around the fire. Lucky--or unlucky?--for Erin and I, Keith and Jeff kept things to themselves and didn't put the moves out there. Just all around good times. Though I think Jeff hit on me a few times over the weekend, but he's a dead-pan humour kind of guy...so I really am not too sure. Then again, I usually don't clue in when guys are hitting on me anyways....perhaps this too, is why I don't have a boyfriend...hmmmmm....

So Monday morning arrived, the warm weather came back (damn, Sunday was COLD!!), and Erin and I decided to blow that popstand and head to the beach ourselves. We spend the day lazing on the beach, and I tried not to think about all those people I was blinding with my terribly white legs and belly. Nobody cried out bloody murder, so it's all good. (uuuhhh, what??)

And that sums up the weekend. I got home Monday night, wrote up my resignation letter, and hit the hay.

*Seriously, I just found the US site for the Body Shop, and my lip stuff is only $5 there. Here in Canada it's $9....wtf, who decides these things??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Rush of Freedom

I feel like Braveheart right now. Standing on the hill (or my desk) and yelling out "FREEDOM!!" for all to hear.

I handed in my letter of resignation today. This place can kiss my ass. August 24, 2007 is the last day I will be kicking around this office. Yes, August 24 is still far away, 52 days away, but I thought I'd be a super nice kid and let them know far in advance, so they have ample opportunity to replace me. (Uhhh....and so they can sort out my vacation accrual pay issue that I have been hounding them since March to figure out....honestly, nice job HR.)

Ok, when I say 52 days, that seems like an eternity, but when I say in less that two months....it feels like that is tomorrow!!!

And what is it that I am going to do, you might ask, when day 52 comes about? Besides drink a keg of beer all to myself in celebration, I will be packing up my worldly belongings and move to Toronto. I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to say, with the plan that by day 52, a company down in Toronto will have interviewed me and offered me a job for the start of September. I have sent out countless resumes and plan to send out countless more until I get a job.

And as a little something on the side, I've been working with my mom developing a business. It is not really enough to carry me without another job, but it's pretty damn cool regardless. I've got a blog about it actually. The blog is kind of low key, but hey, my mom reads it, so I have to keep it focused. I write on it about the developments of our company. I've been pretty lame with updating though. Oh well, I'll get there. So my point--my mom is a Certified Power Coach, and next month, she is going to start prepping me, becuase I am going to take courses in the Fall to be a coach as well. So in addition, I can coach people and start a client base myself if I want. Well, I guess that isn't really in addition to...it's more a compliment to the business.

Ahhh....this sense of freedom is great. When I told my boss this morning, she thought it was great. I will miss her.....funny that my boss works in Houston TX, yet she's the one I like the best in management around this place....