Monday, July 23, 2007

Call of the Day

Me: "Good afternoon, Melissa speaking."

Caller: "Hi! I just got your new directory. We used the new attractions feature to find something to do for a day activity with the kids. Will you look on page 38?"

Me: "Sure thing."

Caller: "Ok, now check out the park you have listed in the bottom corner. Just read through it."

Me: "Ok."

So I read. It looks ok to me, sounds like a nice place to visit. You can go kayaking, paddle boating, picnicking, hiking. There is even a playground for kids.

Me: "Ok, sounds like a nice place."

Caller: "Well, that's what I thought. A nice family day. We paid $20 a person to get in."

Me: "20 bucks per person, wow!"

Caller: "Yup. Only to find out once we were inside and parked that it's a clothing optional resort..."

Me: "Hmmm....really?? Trying to suppress laugh.

Caller: (He's starting to laugh now) "Do you think you could indicate that in the write up next year?"

Me: "Yeah, I think we can do that. In fact, I think we probably should...."

And then we both laughed together for about 30 seconds. Then had an awkward moment, and I thanked him for letting us know.

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