Thursday, July 19, 2007

It goes over there, in that box. No, not that one....

I crave organization. I want things to be neat and orderly; a place for everything and everything in it's place. Yet somehow, I never manage to actually get organized very well. Instead, my stuff becomes a clutter and I get annoyed at it. I attempt to organize, put things in piles, throw out unnecessary items....and then I get distracted and forget to finish.

So. When I move, I am going to make better attempts at staying organized. Perhaps buy some boxes, shelves etc to help me stay organized. Ikea seems like a great place to find these things. I have already purchased one of those cloth shelf things that you hang in the closet, but still need some clothes storage boxes, like these ones, because I have too much crap to shove in my closet now, and it would be nice to actually go in the closet and have some room to see what is really in there.

It's true, the thought of organizing thrills me.

Definitely need a shoe organizer. Well, actually, need several. Turns out Jen has a plethora of shoes as well. And I'm kinda pumped that I am going to buy this shelf unit too. I'm going to buy two of them, one for each side of the bed. They aren't very flash or anything, but I'm on a budget know what I'm saying... Hence the Ikea items.

Jen seems like a rather tidy, organized girl herself. I've gotta do what I can to keep up.

At least the packing to get ready to move will help out in the purging department. Get rid of stuff I don't need. I went through my closet and dresser the other day and filled a big garbage bag with clothes I don't wear any more (though some of them I truly love, and had to fight with myself to give them up), which I am going to bring over to the women's shelter sometime soon. I might as well clean out my jewellery boxes too--so much junk jewellery that I don't wear anymore. Hmmm....I see this going well. This is probably why I like to move so much, gives me a chance to purge.

Yes, moving forward, I will be an organized woman. Starting in September. I can still be slovenly until then. And I'll enjoy every last minute of it.

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