Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Without a Hitch

You would think that I would have posted about my great long weekend yesterday. But I needed a day to gather it all in my head and figure out the best way to spill it all. (Did I just make it seem like something exciting happened??)

For a long weekend that I came upon with relatively no plans, other than hopefully hitting up the beach, it turned out pretty damn good.

First of all, I returned all those cases of empty beer bottles, which covered about a third of the cost of a new case. So that was pretty sweet. Sophie was my hero and pushed the cart full of cases ;) After our Beer Store extravaganza, we went back to my place, and in usual fashion, made a vegg-o meal for Sophie's dining pleasure, and drank copious amounts of alcohol. Remember the way you drank in your early 20s? Well....that is how I drink when I am with Sophie. Because she is in her early 20s, so why not join in. And as usual, we took a ridiculous amount of pictures of ourselves and nearly peed our pants giggling in my apartment. Had a fabulous time at the bar, met some funny (and some not so funny) folks, and danced the night away to a No Doubt inspired band.

Saturday was spent looking for a shower gift for my brother and Jen, and trying not to buy things for myself. Which I failed at miserably. I bought new lip chap, which I can not live with out. My current brand of the moment is the Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector* which I love love love. And then I had to buy new face soap~I've pretty much been using Clinique products since I was old enough to figure out that I should be washing my face on a regular basis. And then there's the plan to go the beach, so I had to buy a new beach towel since the one I have is a child-sized ugly one. (Oh man, this new towel is awesome. It's bright blue, and has a terry-towel snail appliqued onto it at the bottom!!). Made the plan right after that purchase that I should escape the mall since I wasn't finding their present and go to Winner's. Always a bad plan. Why did I go into the shoe aisle? Why did I look at the wallet shelf?? All I needed was to find some sheets or something. Honestly. Did I find sheets for them? No.... And then I thought I'd get them some fun patio things, but I couldn't find enough to make a fun set. So scrap that. Then I argued in my head for about 10 minutes to put the shoes back (but they fit so nice!!) and not spend any more money on myself. And I obeyed my responsible self. But then the wallet caught my eye. It's so awesome!! It's a Matt & Nat wallet, and it doubles as a clutch with a nifty detachable wrist strap....ahhhh, how could I turn that down. Even my responsible self said "Melissa buy it right now." And I'm not gonna lie to you, I might go back and see if the shoes are still there.....I have an addiction.

Well that was too much info about my failed shopping trip. Woops.

Anywho, Saturday Erin and I got a last minute invite to go camping, so that night we drove up to Bayfield and met up with some buddies at someone's trailer and camped it out for the rest of the weekend. Typical bonfire on the beach, drunken guys lighting fireworks too close to the group, lounging around all day, hitting up the tiny beach town to eat and look in the know how it goes. Everyone was couples, with the exception of Erin and myself, and Keith and Jeff. Saturday night all the couples went to bed and just us single kids stayed up til dawn drinking around the fire. Lucky--or unlucky?--for Erin and I, Keith and Jeff kept things to themselves and didn't put the moves out there. Just all around good times. Though I think Jeff hit on me a few times over the weekend, but he's a dead-pan humour kind of I really am not too sure. Then again, I usually don't clue in when guys are hitting on me anyways....perhaps this too, is why I don't have a boyfriend...hmmmmm....

So Monday morning arrived, the warm weather came back (damn, Sunday was COLD!!), and Erin and I decided to blow that popstand and head to the beach ourselves. We spend the day lazing on the beach, and I tried not to think about all those people I was blinding with my terribly white legs and belly. Nobody cried out bloody murder, so it's all good. (uuuhhh, what??)

And that sums up the weekend. I got home Monday night, wrote up my resignation letter, and hit the hay.

*Seriously, I just found the US site for the Body Shop, and my lip stuff is only $5 there. Here in Canada it's $, who decides these things??

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Sophie said...


Yeah you're tolerance is going to drop drastically after Thursday...I almost feel happy for you. Hahahahaha...

P.S. Good picture choice hehe