Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Rush of Freedom

I feel like Braveheart right now. Standing on the hill (or my desk) and yelling out "FREEDOM!!" for all to hear.

I handed in my letter of resignation today. This place can kiss my ass. August 24, 2007 is the last day I will be kicking around this office. Yes, August 24 is still far away, 52 days away, but I thought I'd be a super nice kid and let them know far in advance, so they have ample opportunity to replace me. (Uhhh....and so they can sort out my vacation accrual pay issue that I have been hounding them since March to figure out....honestly, nice job HR.)

Ok, when I say 52 days, that seems like an eternity, but when I say in less that two months....it feels like that is tomorrow!!!

And what is it that I am going to do, you might ask, when day 52 comes about? Besides drink a keg of beer all to myself in celebration, I will be packing up my worldly belongings and move to Toronto. I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to say, with the plan that by day 52, a company down in Toronto will have interviewed me and offered me a job for the start of September. I have sent out countless resumes and plan to send out countless more until I get a job.

And as a little something on the side, I've been working with my mom developing a business. It is not really enough to carry me without another job, but it's pretty damn cool regardless. I've got a blog about it actually. The blog is kind of low key, but hey, my mom reads it, so I have to keep it focused. I write on it about the developments of our company. I've been pretty lame with updating though. Oh well, I'll get there. So my point--my mom is a Certified Power Coach, and next month, she is going to start prepping me, becuase I am going to take courses in the Fall to be a coach as well. So in addition, I can coach people and start a client base myself if I want. Well, I guess that isn't really in addition to...it's more a compliment to the business.

Ahhh....this sense of freedom is great. When I told my boss this morning, she thought it was great. I will miss her.....funny that my boss works in Houston TX, yet she's the one I like the best in management around this place....

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