Friday, June 29, 2007

140 Years Later

Canada Day is just two days around the corner, and I still haven't bought my red and white face paint. What am I thinking??

I could do the typical Melissa thing here and brief out Canadian history for you, and why July 1st is the day we chose to celebrate it.....but I'm not feeling that vibe today.

Instead I've got this for you.

My lazy ass has been slowly drinking beer for a while now, buying a random case here, a random case there. And not once have I had the gumption to return an empty case. Now I have three cases stacked neatly beside my fridge, and 5 cases stacked neatly by my front door. Every week I look at them and think, hey....I should return those. And even more, The Beer Store has recently decided that they will accept empty wine bottles too. You can imagine how many of those I have to return too.

I've decided that my present to Canada is to return those bottles. It feels like they've been sitting in my apartment for the whole 140 years that Canada has been Canada. I suspect my roommate will be relieved to see them gone. This afternoon, my mission is to return them.

Being the somewhat self-conscious girl that I am, I am not prepared to take this mission alone. I cringe at the thought of taking those empty eight cases into The Beer Store all by my lonesome, and have folks look at me and say to themselves "Holy crap, she's a lush..." ~Mind you, it will be mostly men in there, and they likely would either not notice at all, or grin at the thought of a girl like me drinking all that beer. It's not like there will be old biddies in there whispering to each other and praying to the good lord above to save my soul and my liver.~ So I have volunteered Sophie to join me at The Beer Store. I've just informed her via email. I'm picking her up after work today, and since I'm the one driving the car, she can't get out of it. But I just might reward her with some Keith's. She won't turn that down.

So Happy Birthday Canada. I'll recycle, reduce, reuse for you today.

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