Friday, June 15, 2007

Can it be? He's prettier than me?

You know those guys who are just so pretty, they could make you cry?

(So pretty, they could also make you do things you normally wouldn't do in public places?)

Last night I saw the prettiest boy in the world. Sophie talked to him. I just stared at him and smiled.

He is a friend to our friend Laura. Laura has moved away to BC, and from the few times we've met him before Laura left, Sophie got to know him a bit more, and can call him her friend now. I, on the other hand, suffer from that embarrassing disease where I can't think of anything but awkward comments to say to guys, which forces me to walk away with that shocked look on my face, my hand on my forehead, and muttering to myself "I can't believe I said that". (Much like Baby when she said "I carried a watermelon".) (This is also why I'm single.) Hence, he is not my friend. Though I have been in on hilarious conversations between him and Sophie in the past. And by this, I mean I have stood with them with a drink in hand while they chat.

But back to my point.

He. Is. The. Prettiest. Boy. In. The. World.

If it wasn't creepy, I'd take his picture and post it up here. But I think you all agree....creeeeepy.

He's got that slim, lean physique that makes a girl like me fall over. Though he's short. Very chatty. (Not particularly chatty to me though. Damn.) I think he's only a year younger than I am (if I can recall the night when I DID speak to him, and demanded to see his ID because I didn't believe him when he told me this. I thought he was a lot younger. Yes, we were drunk.), which is totally ok for dating. Hahaha.

Oh my goodness, I can't stop thinking about how pretty he is. Seriously, if you saw him'd agree.

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Sophie said...

First. He is the prettiest boy in the world.
Second. I think he is two years younger...which is totally not okay for dating ;) (or perhaps that is just biased motives)
Third. We have had some pretty hilarious conversations.
Fourth. Dammit.
Fifth. Sigh
Sixth. Nice blog.