Thursday, June 21, 2007

He said he was a cowboy, but his Sean John shirt said otherwise.

If you might recall, I love beer. But what I love more than plain ol' beer, is drinking beer outside at a Beer Tent.

This past weekend was the Milverton Rodeo. It's part of the Dodge Rodeo Tour. I love going to the rodeo, but not to see the buckin' bronco's or the enormous bulls. I never make it in time to see the competitions, to hear the whinnies in the background, to see those men try for 8 seconds.

No. I'm a poser. I go to the rodeo after 9pm to go to the after parties. I go for the beer and to look for strapping men whose muscles might ripple along their shirt sleeves. To look for a man who might want to show me how to two-step.

(I'm not a very coordinated dancer....I bow my head with shame.)

There is just something about the dusty ground and cement floor of a pavilion, the sea of cowboy hats, and the semi-warm beer that makes me want to drive an hour out of town. There is something about drunk guys who tip their hat and flash a wicked grin my way. There is something amusing in creating fake names for myself and my friends, and telling these lies to perfect strangers with a big grin on my face (I'm kind of like that.).

Really, who would believe that my name is Betty, and my brunette friend is Veronica, and that we come from Riverdale? Who would believe that I have a kind-of-boyfriend named Archie, though I think he has the hots for Veronica, and we fight about it sometimes? Who would believe my tall friend over there is Moose, and that is his girlfriend Midge? You would not believe how many guys fall for this story. And those who say, "if he's you're kind-of-boyfriend, does that mean we can dance?" Just kidding, they don't say that.... But they don't always clue in. So then I walk away laughing and they don't know why. But I stick around and chat to those who say "Betty? Really??? I'm Archie!!!"

Enough of my lies. Back to my point. Milverton Rodeo. This was my first Milverton Rodeo. I've been to other rodeos in the past, but I have to say, this was the best one. My roomie Erin was right, it was as good as Christmas. Maybe even better.

I'm sad to announce I will not be attending the Exeter Rodeo. It's the same day as my brother's buck'n'doe down in Mississauga. Sigh.....those city kids better know what a buck'n'doe is all about, or this kid is gonna cause a ruckus. But I'm hoping to make it to St Marys Beer Tent next month...anyone want to come????

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