Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Much Sharing

I feel I must share 5 things with you...

1. We got new hand soap in the washrooms at work, and it smells like those fabric bandaids. Yuck.

2. I just finished a delicious lunch (spinach and ricotta panzerotti from Angelo's, mmmm) and am now full. I was talking to Jody at the front desk, rubbing my belly to edge out a tiny burp, and my manager watched me do it. Kind of embarrassed.

3. The accounting manager walked into the windowpane beside her door this morning because she was busy chatting....hehehhee.

4. I think someone at work has fleas because every now and then during the workday, my legs get itchy and I find little bites up and down my legs. These bites are not there in the morning when I get out of bed. (Dear lord, I hope they don't have crabs.....but no one seems to be itching there.)

5. Last week, I stood up at my desk and did not realize my chair rolled back a bit when I did. I sat back down, missed the chair and landed flat on my ass on the floor. And then I could not stand back up because I was giggling so hard. No one saw it, but I told them all anyways.

It's nice to share :)

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