Monday, June 11, 2007

65 Things about me (because I could not think of 100 things)

1. My name is Melissa (but you probably already knew that).

2. I have two middle names.

3. And a ridiculously long last name.

4. So long, that when I sign my signature, I shorten it to 'Mac'.

5. I went to Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario.

6. I was born in Alliston, Ontario, but I don't think my family actually lived there.

7. My family has moved nearly 20 times, and I have kept the trend going living by myself.

8. No we were not an army family.

9. I like to joke that my mom was running from the law.

10. One time, someone believed me, so I decided I had better stop making that joke.

11. My parents are divorced, both have been remarried two other times.

12. You know what they say....the third time is the charm ;)

13. My dad lives in Cartagena, Colombia.

14. I don't think he is running from the law, but if he gets in with the wrong circles in Colombia, he just might.

15. I live in Southwestern Ontario.

16. I lived in Australia for 9 months.

17. I got homesick and missed my mom, so I didn't make it the full year.

18. I also ran out of money....hence the missing my mom who could take care of me part.

19. I travelled there with my wonderful friend Mary Jane who now lives in northern BC.

20. I bought my first car in Australia, and named her Alice~after Alice from the Brady Bunch, who was a steady and reliable character, much what we wanted in a car.

21. My grandpa thought that I named it Alice after his mother. I didn't tell him otherwise.

22. I have an older brother, Mike, and an older sister, Nicole.

23. Mike is getting married this September, Nicole has been married for 3 years.

24. I just realised right now that I missed her anniversary, which was on June 5. Oops. Better call her.

25. My brother had a kid out of wedlock, but I think God has forgiven him and he won't be going to hell.

26. His kid's name is Olivia, that's her pic that is always up on my page.

27. I'm currently teaching her to say "REDRUM" and wiggle her index finger a la The Shining.

28. I suspect I might be going to hell for teaching my niece to make fun of murder.

29. My sister does not have kids, which makes her sad.

30. My brother asked my sister and Brian to be Olivia's Godparents. That made her happy.

31. Evidently, I have a nice brother.

32. I currently work for a telephone directory, in customer relations.

33. I actually really hate it. People annoy the pee out of me. So I am looking for a new job. Thank heavens.

34. And in looking for a new job, I am going to be moving in a couple months.

35. I will miss my roommate, Erin, but I am looking forward to moving in with my friend Jen.

36. I will actually be moving back to where I grew up.

37. I have never broken any bones, but I had my nose fractured in grade nine gym class by a golf club~it didn't break, it just bent.

38. It really hurt, and I had to wear a nose cast for most of the summer.

39. Ironically, my friend Kristen, who was careless enough to swing the club and not look to see where I was standing, stopped talking to me after that happened.

40. I wasn't even mad at her. I still don't know why she did that.

41. I am running out of things to tell you about myself. I'll start at the beginning.

42. My parents divorced when I was a baby.

43. My Grandparents helped my mom raise my sister, brother and I. We lived with them for a few years when we were really young.

44. I had a bunny rabbit named Hoppy. He was black, and nibbled on the legs of the chairs.

45. I had to give up Hoppy when my mom remarried, because Don had two cats, and he thought the cats would attack the bunny.

46. I was sad, but I gave him to my friend Trina who had a bunny already, which made me happy.

47. I later found out I could have kept Hoppy, because I got a hamster, and the cats were fine with it. Damn adults.

48. My hamster's name was Starr. She was pregnant when I got her. We didn't know that.

49. My grandpa is a crafty man, he made the hamster cage--it had two floors.

50. So crafty, that most of my furniture in my apartment has been made by him. And for the matter, much of the furniture in my grandparents house too. Not so much at my mom's anymore, she's passed that down to my sister. For some reason, my brother does not have much furniture made by grandpa.

51. My grandpa is a cabinetmaker by trade. But he started off in bricklaying in England. He has outfitted several jewellery stores in the major shopping centres around Toronto. Although, I suspect by now, several of those are closed or have been remodelled.

52. My grandma worked in a bakery. After 25 years, they gave her a gold bangle, which she gave to me a couple years ago.

53. Among my bizarre talents, I boast that I can legibly write with my toes.

54. I can also twist my tongue in crazy fashions.

55. I have never been able to make myself burp. For some reason, this saddens me.

56. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue (woo-hoo!!). (Kind of goes with the twisting my tongue in weird ways thing).

57. I can make fabulous skirts from old pairs of jeans. I'm considering making up a pile and selling them. I'll keep you posted on that if I do!!

58. I also make one mean grilled cheese.

59. I love to eat cheese more than perhaps is normal.

60. My roommate Erin potentially loves cheese more than I do. And then she eats it all and doesn't tell me she's finished it. And then when I want a cheese sandwich....I can't have one.

61. I also love avocados more than the average person. I put it on everything I can. Well, everything within reason.

62. This was supposed to be 100 things about me. But I've run out of things to say.

63. So now it's only going to be 65.

64. It's actually Thursday today. It has taken me since Monday to come up with this many things. If was still aiming for 100....this post would never be!!

65. Last, but not least, I hate washing the dishes.


LiveLee said...

Nice to meet you!!!
i'm glad you enjoy reading the bits and pieces of my life!

don't be a stranger!

LiveLee said...

ps. olivia is a doll!!!