Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When the internet attacks!

My own little world at work is slowly dissolving. All those things I have been doing to keep myself sane during 9-5 are being taken away.

First of all, my internet best friend left her job for green pastures and now does not have daily access to the internet. I've already blogged about this to no end. But now....all internet chat programs are officially banned from our work computers. (Ok, fair enough, I should not be on msn chatting with my friends, I should be doing work. Oh wait....I can blog instead.)

Not that this company wide ban is my fault or anything, but there was an incident that sprouted from my computer that spurred the decision (Thanks, Jen.....hahahah, just kidding!!). I guess our offices have been getting infected a lot lately with viruses that are coming through programs like msn and such. On Friday, I was attacked, and in turn, sent it out to my coworkers.


I guess it kind of ate through things on the weekend, and yesterday, our IT Department announced no more msn....sigh. Oh well, I'm surprised that we have been able to use it this long anyways.

BUT!!! For the record, this happened to me around noon. At 11:00am on Friday, our office manager in Windsor called IT with a complain about a virus on her computer. Ironically, it was the same virus I got hit with. So see....it's not just me.

I think it's actually kind of funny....