Friday, June 15, 2007

100 things about...Sophie

Yes folks. One hundred things about my friend Sophie. I was joking around and telling her how hard it was to come up with 100 things to post about myself. That it took me practically four days to do it.

She showed me up and wrote 100 things about herself in half a day. You might be wonder who the hell Sophie is....well, now you can find out.

1. I am writing 100 things about me to prove to Melissa that I can.
2. My name is Sophie.
3. Very few people can pronounce my last name correctly.
4. I was born in Bristol, England.
5. I live in Canada.
6. I am one quarter Polish.
7. I will be living in Slovakia next year.
8. I graduated from UWO with distinction.
9. I have a cat named Charles.
10. I love indian food.
11. I suffer from allergies (pollen).
12. I have blue eyes.
13. I have one older sister.
14. There is only one Chantal Kreviazuk song that I can listen to, and I love it.
15. I have met the prettiest boy in the world.
16. Relocating is in my blood.
17. I love wearing pink.
18. I don't need you to tell me I have pale skin as I am very aware of it.
19. I like playing soccer.
20. I have never watched a whole hockey game.
21. I will always dance to Michael Jackson and Madonna.
22. I am great at spending a long time at the pub.
23. I still cannot make pierogis.
24. In fact, I'm pretty bad at cooking anything.
25. I write lists, most of which are more useful than this one.
26. I like to be organized (hence the lists).
27. I frequently use the word "mania".
28. I get pumpy heart. A lot.
29. I appreciate those who understand the symptoms and consequences of pumpy heart.
30. "The House of Rising Sun" is one of my favourite songs.
31. "Play that funky music white boy" is another.
32. "Bend it Like Beckham" is my favourite movie.
33. I don't care that Beckham has a ridiculous voice.
34. I find it funny when people think I'm Australian.
35. I also find it funny when people think I'm South African.
36. I often think people are stupid because of this.
37. My favourite job, so far, has been at the Credit Union.
38. I have no significant other, which is just as well, because otherwise I might not leave.
39. I miss the castles, cathedrals and countryside in the UK.
40. I have never been to Ireland even though I lived so close.
41. However, I grew up with mainly Irish and Italian families because I went to a Catholic Primary school.
42. I used to play the drums.
43. Soon I will be an English teacher.
44. I just went from blond to brunette.
45. I wear contact lenses.
46. I can be incredibly opinionated, but also incredibly passive.
47. I like to write.
48. I am loyal.
49. Impatient.
50. I get frustrated easily.
51. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 8.
52. I want to go back to Newfoundland.
53. Prague and Paris are my favourite cities.
54. I find it funny when people call London, ON the "big city"'s also quite funny that it's called "Forest City" since they are cutting down all the trees and building ugly houses.
55. I do not know if I will return to live here.
56. My favourite form of transportation is the train.
57. I have only seen the Rockies in winter.
58. I like 19th Century poetry.
59. I am beginning to think Melissa was right.
60. My middle name is Alexandra.
61. I hate writing on paper if there is not at least two more sheets underneath it.
62. I am not a fan of driving.
63. I wish I lived in a city with good public transport.
64. My grandparents thought I looked liked Winston Churchill when I was a baby.
65. I may go to Spain for Christmas.
66. I love my new sunglasses.
67. O'Reilley's is my favourite bar in the country. The Brass Door is a close second.
68. I love taking pictures.
69. I wish I had a picture of the Germans we met in Banff.
70. I can speak some French and some Spanish.
71. I know the days of the week in Slovak but cannot pronounce Thursday.
72. I dislike Nickelback. As does my father.
73. The best concert I ever went to was Jonny Lang.
74. I have been to many other shows.
75. I wish I didn't burn in the sun.
76. I can no longer drink straight tequila.
77. I have no interest in going on a resort holiday.
78. I like dogs.
79. I am more patriotic when I am not in the country.
80. I have never met anyone with the same birthday as me.
81. I was born in the middle of the eighties.
82. Eye make-up completely changes my face.
83. I am dedicated to whatever I am studying.
84. But, at the same time, I lose interest in things very quickly.
85. I am surprised at how girly I have become.
86. I often laugh at inappropriate things.
87. I don't like leaving messages on voicemail.
88. I am really bad at buying shoes.
89. But I really like them.
90. The skirts I wear are often too short.
91. I was disappointed in my philsophy of witchcraft class.
92. I love meeting people and making new friends.
93. I am very selfish.
94. Iris Chang's "The Rape of Nanking" made me cry.
95. I have a scar on my ankle.
96. I am the Queen of Carbombs, while Melissa is the jester.
97. I love cheese.
98. I still have four grandparents.
99. I like wearing halternecks.
100. Apparently, I am successful in spending too much time thinking about myself and writing this list.

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Your blog just keeps getting better and better!