Thursday, June 28, 2007

Worst Friend Ever

I really am one of those friends who forgets to call her friends. I let people drift to the wayside, but remain faithful in the thought that we are still friends. No one has really seemed to stop being my friend due to this, so I must thank them.

Insert sudden thought: Hey!! I don't call them often, but it's not like they are calling me either!! We are all jerks who take our friendships for granted.

Prime example of this is my friend Dayna. We met the summer after I graduated university. Well, technically, we met way before then, but we didn't actually become friends until that point. She had dated one of my friends back in high school, and lived in the next town over. While away at uni, my folks moved to the next town over. That summer, we both waitressed at the local bar & grill, Gillies. (Might I recommend their garlic bread with cheese and the spinach salad...mmmm.) And thus, a friendship was born.

Then I moved to Australia. She moved to London (Ontario....not England...). I moved back home about a year later, and eventually made my way down to London. I was pretty pumped to have a ready-made friend in town once I moved there. But do you think we actually hang out that often? Do you think we remember to call each other? Hell no! I've been here for over 3 and a half years, and we've probably only hung out a dozen or so times. And she really is my only friend from home that lives here.

The weird thing is, is that so much time will pass and I start saying to myself, "Jeez, I should call Dayna soon and see what's going on with her." And within the next few days, she will end up calling me before I have the chance to pick up the phone and call her. It's like I send out a vibe right to her, and she gets it and calls!! Really, how weird is that?!?! It's just one of those bizarre things that happen in my life that I deem as normal.

So....Dayna called me last weekend, got my answering machine. And now we've been playing phone tag since then. I sure hope we catch up before I blow this popstand at the end of the summer!! Because let's be honest. If I move 2 hours away from here, I'll see her even less, and call her less. If you're not in my face, or my mind draws nothing. I am such a bad friend.

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