Thursday, June 7, 2007

Call of the week: Driver's Ed

It never fails. At least one call comes through that qualifies to be shared each week. This week, I would like to call it "Driver's Ed".

It seems that a business had just been delivered their new telephone directory. A gentleman dropped off a couple, and went back to his car. Out front of the building is a parking lot with ample space. Plenty of room to turn your car around in, the caller says. But this gentleman chose a different way. He backed his car up right where he was. He backed up into the pond on their front lawn.

That's right. Backed up into the pond.

Now he didn't get too far into the pond before he realised what he had done. Rather, just along the edge. And then he kind of got stuck in the pond. He spun his wheels in his attempts to get out of the pond. Sent some rocks flying, showered pond water about. TORE THE POND LINER.

He got out of the pond. He did not go back into the business to apologise. He just left!! Can you believe that?!?!? He damaged their property and left. What did he think, that this would not catch up to him? That the business would not call it in to let us know?? Silly fool....they always call....

So...should you ever drive into someone's pond.....maybe you should go in and apologise. I mean, I know you would feel like an ass for doing it in the first place, but it just might save your ass in the long run.

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