Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'll see you in September, I'll see you when the summer's through...

September is half way over. My time has been consumed by adoring the sweetest little boy that ever was.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catchin' up on Sevens

It seems that August has become quite hectic!!! And there are so many wonderful things to be grateful for...

1. For a great week spent with my dad in Manitoba.
2. For being able to connect with my cousins and aunts, who I have not seen for 10 years.
3. For catching up with MJ and her giant family, even if it was only for a few hours.
4. For the little bundle of joy who came into the world on August 21, James Russell Woodbridge.
5. For the happiness that has been brought to my sister and Brian with said bundle of joy.
6. For the interview I have lined up for Friday, arranged through the recruitment company I interviewed with.
7. For the generosity of my sister and Brian who asked if I would like to stay with them for September while I get a job sorted out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Tonight as I drove from one small town to another, I pulled over down a side road and turned off my car.

There is just something about being surrounded by empty space, fields that stretch on forever, and an endless sky of stars that brings peace to my being.

I leaned back on the side of my car and craned my neck back. The strong wind whipped my hair across my face, so I had to hold it back to really see what was up there. Millions of millions twinkling back at me. I realized that I've forgotten the constellations.

I sighed. I breathed in. I spun around to look the other way. I smiled. I felt momentarily elated.

I stood for a bit and then climbed back in my car and drove away.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contact made!

Well, as all thing seem to go....I exaggerated a point. Tee hee.

I ended up getting through to one of the recruitment agencies (though I'd like to point out that I still have not heard back from others...). I met with a lovely lady named Kelly, who was very helpful and positive. day she calls me already with a sweet ass suggestion of a job!! Woot woot! Interview next week, fingers crossed all over!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Elusive Attempt of Contact

I know that I have idealistic ideas crammed into my head, some might even say radical ideas. But does it not just make common sense to return business phone calls and emails?

In my current hunt for a job, I have been making (or rather attempting to make) contact with a few job placement agencies. Do they respond to my emails? Do they return messages from their auto-formatted website contact pages? Do they call me back from messages left on voicemails?

Obviously, the answer is no.

Call me crazy, but if your job was to place people into jobs with companies that contracted you to do so, should you not do just that? How on earth are you going to find candidates to fill these roles if you don't get back to people?? I'd say I've got a pretty darn good resume, and these silly people should not be ignoring me.


Ah, the element of customer service sure does suck these days. They should all be forced to take a few customer service courses and learn how to treat their potential clients.

I mean, that's what I would make them do if they were MY employees...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Did you know?

Interesting fact: Grey car does not hide the bugs guts as good as the black car.


This is nothin' compared to what it looks like right now :(

~But I still love my good ol' Toulouse LaTrek ~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Simply Seven

I should start calling this just Sevens. Seems I don't get around to this on Sundays as often as I thought I would!!

1. For all the rain that washed off the water spots left over from my backyard car wash
2. Haha, for the rain that washed off all the bugs that reappeared smeared on my car a couple days after the backyard car wash!!
3. For the delightful company of Tara on my 'search for nice neighbourhoods' excursion
4. For a great couple days of just chillin' with Charlotte
5. For the delightful advice from the lady at Laurier's Career Services
6. For my now stellar looking resume ;)
7. For my trusty car

Monday, July 20, 2009

And then there was none.

In my moments of boredom today at work, I decided to scroll back through my blog to 2007.

You know what I realise?

I am not nearly so funny as I once was. Oh sigh. What a pitiful feeling.

My new goal for the rest of 2009: To find humour in my days and write about it in a side splitting way!

(Uh, right now, I'm just not so sure where the funny is going to come from. It's pretty darn blah these this will require some extra effort. Fingers crossed.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7+7+7+7+7+7+7+....that's a lot!

1. For a great beach day on Thursday.
2. For my pretty toes after my pedicure.
3. For wonderful things being on sale!
4. For quite, lazy nights.
5. For laughing with fits of giggles ;)
6. For spending time with my family this weekend.
7. For hanging out around the campfire playing cards.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nice or....nice?

I'm a nice girl by nature. I like smiles, I like hugs, I like kind words. Living in a small town, kindness breeds here like bunnies in the underbrush of the thicket. Living in a small town for the past 9 months or so, my level of kindness has increased, though I have not been aware of it.

Until volunteering at MIFF this past weekend, that is. I spent most of the time chillin' in the box office, lending my smile and helpful phrases etc to people who wanted to know about the Mississauga Independent Film Festival, buy tickets, or buy tickets to the regular movies in the rest of the theatre.

My happy comments of "You can buy the tickets for that movie down at the concession stand, this weekend the box office is just for the Film Festival ticket sales," freaked people out because I was smiling at them and patiently explaining to them the situation at hand. Many times I had to repeat and repeat and repeat until my smile left and I said plainly "Go downstairs" and then they understood what was going on. My friends and Festival organizers merely laughed at me and told me to keep it simple and to not be so nice. Bark at them, if you will.

At once point, a lady came over to ask about the Hannah Montana movie, and while she was looking at the times, I smiled at her daughter and asked her how she was. The mom looked at me like I was a menacing crazy person and yanked her kid away.

Oh small town. How I love the environment of trust and friendship you foster. Big cities...just fathom the fear of friendly people ~ we are such terrorists!!! Look out!!! My smile is my secret weapon to soften your defences and then I will rule the world! Scary business...

Monday, July 13, 2009


1. For a lull week at work. Nothing too crazy post-festival!
2. For the last nanaimo bar.
3. For evening drives in the countryside.
4. For wedding crashing!
5. For a great MIFF weekend.
6. For MIFF friendships.
7. For some quality time with Jen and Envy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just another Sunday

1. For living in the lovely land of Canada!
2. For being able to spend Canada Day on Tara's deck - her hosting skills are quite impressive (hahah, Tara!)
3. For being able to stay calm during the Festival weekend
4. For a very successful Scottish Festival
5. For making friends with grouchy vendors!
6. For the delicious poutine I got to eat on Sunday
7. For finally allowing myself to buy Hunter rainboots!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seven things on an actual Sunday!

1. For the Monday market in the park.
2. For people who listen.
3. For having two articles written to go into the next issue of the paper.
4. For the ear and the deck of the Byles.
5. For "camping" at the Egli's.
6. For just being in my car driving.
7. For the sound of rain on the roof.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What is the difference?

Michael Jackson. I love his music, you love his music, we all love his music. I won't deny that he has impacted our culture in too many ways for me to rattle off. It's rather shocking that he has crossed on over to the side, and my heart is sad for his family.


I get frustrated by celebrity culture -- all aspects of it. I am kind of disgusted with the way that our society grasps onto the lives of people who have a talent that is shared through mass media. What Brad and Angelina do is no more business of mine that what Mr. & Mrs. Smith do (haha!).

The details surrounding the death of Micheal Jackson are no more my business than the details surrounding the death of Andrew Hall, who plummeted to his death earlier this week in an office tower's elevator shaft in Toronto.

On second thought, I change my mind. Perhaps if our media and public want to be greedy and know everything about the death of a celebrity, should we not want that of Andrew Hall? Shouldn't we be glamourizing and then tearing down who he was? What's the difference? People are people, right?

Perhaps I'll google him and call up TMZ and tell them what I found out. And then I will hound his family while they are grieving and post it on youtube.

Yeah...that's what I am going to do....


Just to clarify my bitter frustration lies in that celebrities are made out to be people who should be praised and are role models, when in fact, there are so many people out there much more deserving to be praised and to be seen as role models. Why does the death of a celebrity outweigh the death of a regular blue-collar worker? I bet he made an impact in society too, as a father, as a husband, as a friend. The regular people deserve the credit too...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rise and Shine!

I nearly spit out my cereal this morning when my grandma talked about my brother at my sister's baby shower they day before...

Grandma: "Oh Mike had a nice time. He enjoys things like that doesn't he?"

Me: "Yeah, Mike likes a good crowd."

Grandma: "But he kept asking me if I was ok. Ugh, he wouldn't stop 'Are you ok? Are you ok?' He wouldn't leave me alone!" (Said with a face of annoyance)

Me ~ waving my spoon in front of me, biting my tongue, and putting my spoon back in my bowl of cereal.

Grandpa ~ sees me struggling to keep the explosion of WFT inside of me

Me: (thoughts properly gathered) "Ha ha Grandma, maybe he's just getting you back for when you keep asking him if he's ok!!"

Grandma ~ not impressed.

Grandpa ~ laughing quietly at the end of the table....

What? It's not Sunday still??

1. For the many volunteers who signed up for the KSF.
2. For spending some great time with Gillian.
3. For making baby Julia laugh.
4. For knowing that I have friends like Gillian and Dan :)
5. For the Milverton Rodeo - always a blast!
6. For spending a leisurely afternoon horseback riding (even if my tush is sore!!)
7. For grown up Julia.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It can never be over-played to me

When I get a new cd, I listen to it over and over and over until I know all the words. I love new cds. I soak in the words, I feel the melody, I let it lift me away.

I have been listening to this new Madison Violet cd since the day they gave it to me non-stop. There is one song in particular, No Fool For Trying, that I find myself singing to myself when I'm not in the car (which is where I listen to my cds...). And I really like the message.

You are no fool for trying.

It makes me think about the things that I am doing, the things that I am trying to do. And it just reminds that even if it doesn't work out, I'm no fool for trying. At least I learned something and it propelled me forward somehow.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just another Sunday

1. It's redundant, but for the Turkish Bread!!!
2. For the many compliments on the Festival program I've been getting.
3. For the beautiful countryside.
4. For being able to spend time with a friend I don't get to see very often.
5. For the delightfully comfy bed in the lovely farmhouse.
6. For keeping up the trend of stepping outside of the box.
7. For once again meeting awesome people to write stories about for the paper.

A brand new tune

I love where the world takes me. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with two young women, Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac. Together, they form the duo Madison Violet.

In all sincerity, I had only heard of them due to the fact that they are among the performers who will be at the Kincardine Scottish Festival. When I heard that they were coming to town for a cd release party prior to the Festival, I was stoked and jumped at the chance to be the one who got to write the article about them for the paper.

They really were great to talk to; so nice and very real people. I like running across people who are 'real,' regardless of what they do for a living. They both sat across the table from me, very patient and helpful as I scattered my questions, jumping back and forth on topics. I'm sure they have had their share of interviews over their careers, with interviewers who were like me, a little unsure. I hold the opinion that people are people, no matter 'who' you are. What I get impressed by is people who follow a passion and put it in their lives. These gals definitely fit the bill. They are topping the list with Faith, the 15 year old girl I've interviewed about her fundraising for mission trips.

They gave me a copy of their new CD, No Fool For Trying, which I listened to as soon as I got home. I think that the best part of meeting them today was discovering their great sound, and knowing that it will fit perfectly in my own music library -- it's completely the kind of music that I love. A great mix of folk and bluegrass, which, as they noted, this cd is quite stripped down from albums in the past. I wonder if I had come across them in the past if I'd be so fond of them. Doesn't matter now, because I think I'm hooked ;)

Check 'em out I highly recommend them! And really, who doesn't want to support Canadian artists???

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rise and Fall

The world stopped spinning on Monday. There I stood at the bakery counter, my eyes roving over the options in the glass counter case, my stomach anticipating the deliciousness to come. They scanned and paused. They looked up and down in disbelief. Within moments, I knew my life would never be the same.

For a moment I was confused. I read the tag "Turkish Bread." Nothing registered, but I had this niggling feeling that all my problems would dissolve if I just bought some.

My body swayed slightly as the bell rang in my head. Finally!!!!! Turkish bread!!! Here!!! In Canada!!!! I blinked myself back to awareness (by now the girl behind the counter was staring at me, her eyebrow cocked questioningly) and said "Turkish bread? You guys have Turkish bread?" I ordered the medium size.

I'll fill you in on my delight. While wandering the lands of Oz about six years ago, I encountered food I had never known. A delightful treat was Turkish bread; it is this amazingly chewy, yummy flatbread that must be made by the gods. I really have no idea if it actually hails from Turkey, but let's just say the Turkish should be revered for this bread.

When I returned to Canada, I searched high and low for this bread. Continually devastated, I never found the bread. After about two years, I almost gave up on my quest to find the delicious bread. For the following four years, I just kept my eyes randomly peeled when I went into a new grocery store or bakery. I was giving up hope, I had lost the will to live. I mean, the will to keep searching.

So there I stood. And there it lay. The bread of my dreams was right before me. And do you know where I found it? In the bakery that opened up just down the street from my old apartment in Toronto about two weeks before I moved away. Ahhh, the irony of life. I shake my fist wildly at it!

I asked the girl if I could tell her a story. She said sure and I revealed to her my epic search. She took the story in with graceful rapture (ha, yeah right!), and then told me that their bakery chain (Cobs Bread, for the record, now go and find one and get the bread!) was actually a part of the Australian chain Baker's Delight. It makes sense!!!!!

Currently, in Ontario, Cobs Bread is generally in the GTA. And I will drive the three hour drive on a regular basis just to get it. That is how much I love it. My life is now complete. God bless you, Turkish bread.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I think the best part of this story was when I called up my friend Charlotte to tell her what I found. She had lived in Australia for a year too, and experienced all that is delicious. And would you care to know her reaction? She shared in my joy, felt her heart rise, and revealed to me that she has been covertly searching for Turkish bread ever since she got home about five years ago...I promised to take her to Cobs Bread.

Monday, June 1, 2009


1. For having over 2500 things to be grateful for already this year!
2. For drop-in visitors at the office! (even if one of them licks the wrapped up candies and puts them back, haha!)
3. For getting some new things to write about for the paper.
4. For the MIFF meeting.
5. For the peaches and cream oatmeal I had for breakfast, mmmm!
6. For the suggestion of going to the Stratford Festival, which I love going to...
7. For the meeting with Humber working out and officially being a faculty member there! Woop woop!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It really makes me wonder just why it is that I can watch bloody gore and gross gross gross things on tv, yet for some reason, I cringe at the sight of a needle penetrating a person's skin.

I literally avert my eyes milliseconds before the needle goes in, and pull that I am grossed out face. But I watch with rapture as Hannibal slices his knife up the gut of Inspector Pazzi.

I just don't see where that balance is....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


1. For the smell of freshly cut grass.
2. For my shiney new bike!
3. For finding my Brandi Carlisle cd again and singing at the top of my lungs in the car to it.
4. For all these lovely sunny days we've been having.
5. For randomly running into Roseanne at the b'n'd last night in Walkerton
6. For lunching with Charlotte and Liz today :)
7. For taking chances!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Generic Adventure

When I moved up to Kincardine, I said goodbye to my health care plan. A little part of me panicked, but the bigger part of me said "really dear, when do you actually use the benefits of it?" I rattled off in my head massage therapy, the occasional dental visit, and The Pill. I decided for the short period of time I'd be sans health plan, it would be ok to nix the massage therapy and the dentist.

But I stuck with The Pill. You know, it's a handy little thing, keeps me on track, my mood somewhat level, etc, etc, we all know the benefits to being on The Pill. And it's really not too expensive to have to pay myself.

As the pharmacist here got familiar with me, he quickly realised I didn't have coverage. He asked me if I'd like to try the generic brand of the pill I was prescribed. He stated there was pretty much no difference. Why the heck not? I agreed.*

Soon after the switch, though, I noticed a difference. Actually, I noticed a couple differences, but we'll focus on the main one here. True, I have not been the happiest of campers as of late, but regardless, the ingredients of this generic brand played havoc with my emotions.

I was, for lack of better words, a raging b*tch! For the two weeks prior to my "time" it was get out of my way or be trampled over with my steam roller of anger! If you could imagine fire coming out of my mouth, laser beams darting out of my eyes and my nails scratching down the chalkboard, you're almost imagining how outrageous I was.

I had three packs of this stuff. By the time I was into the second pack, I had figured out what was to blame for my poor display of behaviour. But I am frugal. And I have a limited budget right now. I was not about to throw out the last pack and run to the store for the good stuff. I decided I'd just suck it up and take it. And in turn, make everyone else around me suffer...

Time rolled by. I marched into that drugstore and in a pleasant/I-hate-the-world manner told the pharmacist I most certainly did not want the generic brand again. "It does not work well for me," I understated to them. The woman behind the counter stifled a giggle and said she'd make sure I got what was prescribed.

Now, I have just finished a full pack of "the good stuff" and have to say....raging b*tch has died down and all is well in the world again.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*NB: I would like to point out that the generic brand was actually more expensive than the name brand of this pill. WTF? Why on earth would they ask me if I wanted it then? Sheesh!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Say what?

I really do hate it when my Grandma says to me "You will make such a good wife one day!" when I do some random household chore for them.

Maybe I should change my perspective of that comment and say "Thanks for the vote of confidence that will in fact be a wife one day..."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One, la la Seven

1. For full time hours at the Festival
2. For the fake yoga stretching that I've done a few times this week
3. For finally getting my portion of the program done!
4. For Humber contacting us to set up a meeting :)
5. For my good health
6. For my sister's belly that just keeps getting bigger with the baby inside it
7. And last, but not mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nice = Nice

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the Dirt Pigs beer tent. (Yes, I AM a classy gal.) As happens to many a beer tent patron, the end of the evening was approaching and I had too many beer tokens left. What is a girl to do??

Give them away.

Dirt Pigs beer tent is in Walkerton. And how many people do I know who live in Walkerton? Not too many. My friends that I was with (aka, the few Walkerton-folk I know) had similar situations -- already had too many drinks, and too many tokens left. So it just did not make sense to pass my tokens to them.

I looked around, and my sights fell on the young man who either owns or manages the cafe in town, The White Rose. I'm not really sure just what his position is there, but I have two main thoughts about him: 1. He is always the person who serves me there, and 2. he makes the finest Americano I've ever had.

So it just made sense. I strolled over to him, and in both of our intoxicated states, I handed him a token, as a token of my appreciation. He was stunned for a moment and then gleefully accepted.

I am not lying here when I say they make the most amazing Americano I've ever had in my life. This beats the cafes in Australia (where I discovered the Americano), Starbucks (seriously, that place gets more hype than it's worth!), Second Cup, and dare I say it....Balzac's.

*Depending on my reader here, I just committed blasphemy, yikes!*

In any case, I take the opportunity whenever I am in Walkerton to go and have one of these delicious coffees. I'd say I go in there about once or twice a month. Not really too often.

Imagine my surprise when this past weekend, I drop into The White Rose for a cuppa joe, and the owner/manager/guy who takes too many shifts turns around to make my coffee, then turns back around and asks:

"Was that you who bought me a beer token at beer tent last summer?"

I was taken a little off guard, but I quickly, and happily, answered that yes, in fact that was me, because I think he makes the best coffee anywhere.

He smiled wide and said a gracious thank you. Then we spurred into a weird conversation about chemical additives to food and the wave of health conscious groups demanding healthy food.

I left the cafe feeling pretty calm and happy. It's nice to know that my silly little gesture stood out and was remembered almost a whole year later.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's like it's brand new information!! (But it's not...)

Hmm, you know the thing with writing is that I find it so much more fun when I'm doing it for fun. Go figure. So when I HAVE to do it, it's a chore and I get stumped for words. Like right now. The word document on my screen has about 200 words on it, and they don't really flow, and I need about 200 more....hmmmm...interesting how that works....

* * * * * *

And about 45 minutes later, I'm done! I find it interesting that once I make myself accountable for it, I find the motivation to do it, and the words just flow out of my fingertips and onto the keyboard like it was just meant to be. Check it out...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday

1. For a night of idle gossip with the ladies.
2. For Conestoga College accepting the program proposal I sent in!!!
3. For country drives.
4. For Walmart finally stocking Jif again :)
5. For a lovely afternoon at the Egli's.
6. For my sense of humour.
7. For rolling out my yoga mat today.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Read That

I am a book snob. I will not lie about it to you or to anyone. I like to read obscure books, Canadian authors, and the books that the dude in Stratford recommends to Erin; books that pack a gut wrenching punch that won’t let you put it down.

So imagine my surprise when I gave in to read a…romance novel…because most of my books are in storage right now, and I’ve read through my small pile I kept out several times. She said “Just read it, it’s 800 pages and it will keep you occupied.” I took it home, I put it down, I covered it up with papers, sweaters, this and that. I finished the book I was reading, looked down at my pile of books and sighed…I just wanted something different.

I dug out the book. I resigned and crawled into bed. I read the back cover again. Yikes, how far fetched is this?? A woman who travels in time to the 1700s and fall in love with a Scottish Highlander? Well…I had it in my hands and decided to give it a go.

Now, I know that maybe I am just defending myself when I say that this book really is quite well written and researched. I enjoyed it. I liked reading a romance novel. There. I said out loud. (Or, I wrote it out loud??)


1. While I found the hero of the book (a strapping lad, muscles rippling, kilt swishing, heart of gold) enticing, I also thought to myself….Are you kidding??? This guy is nuts!!! He was so desperately in love with the heroine, I’d call him possessive and overbearing. True, it would be delightful to have a handsome man love and care for me, duel for my honour, and rescue me from certain death, I think I’d get fed up with his antics of ‘you are my wife, you are mine, and no one else can look at you/touch you, etc, etc...’ Which, to be fair, I suppose in the 1700s the notion of women’s lib was far from being, well, a notion.

2. As most romance novels are, this book was full of drama and sex. Pardon me, looooooove making. One would assume that the moments of pleasure are those scenes that find their way behind eyelids and into the dreams of reader. Not me. Instead, this fine book gave me nightmares. That is right. I had nightmares of torture. The torture that was inflicted upon the strapping hero. Lashings and burning, searing hot things placed against my skin. And in the background was the heroine of the book, crying out for me.

So. I am reading the sequel right now. And of course the sequel is never as good as the first one. Needless to say, I think this is my lone one night stand with romance novels. Once this second book is wrapped up (uh, I have to finish reading it now, I mean I’ve invested this much time already. It would be a waste not to finish.), I’ve got my next book lined up. From the dude in Stratford. Good business, I tell ya.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Try to Walk the Line

Patience. Some days I have it, other days I don't. For some situations, my patience is as endless as the drops of water in the ocean, for others, it is as little as a minnow.

Waiting for answers, though, is more the minnow type. I sent through my letter of application to college about 4 weeks ago and am impatiently waiting for the acceptance letter (that's how sure I am that I am getting into this program...I'm saying it right here, right now! I'm in!!). Now, 4 weeks really isn't that long, but in Melissa world, it feels like 4 months!

As each day passes me by, my thoughts are swimming around, wanting to make plans for the future, but are halted by the lack of envelopes in my mailbox. I know I can't really expect for such a prompt reply, but I led myself to believe that the wheels would turn a bit faster for a post-grad program than your regular admissions. Foolish me.

Patience is a virtue. Evidently one that I falter on. I must learn to walk a straighter line...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday feels like Sunday

1. For the joy other people's children bring me (hehe, thanks Tara!).
2. For the amazing musical talents of Diana Krall.
3. For having terrific friends who do wonderful things for me, just because.
4. For the sweet ride my new car is!!
5. For finally getting the updates prepared for my website.
6. For getting back into my weekly goal setting habit with Julia (thanks Julia!).
7. For spending some time with the Baxter's this past weekend :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Slew of Sunday Sevens

Clearly I have been preoccupied. But I'm back on track!!!

1. For being able to reconnect with my grade 1 bf who moved far far away many years ago.
2. For the delightfully warm weather we've been having.
3. For the anticipation of my new car!!!!
4. For Erin making the two hour trek to see me yesterday :)
5. For the walk at the beach today - true I was in my hoodie, vest and scarf, but it was still great!
6. For the friendliness of small towns - I love that so many people smile and say hello to each other.
7. For hearing the wonderfully hilarious things my niece has learned to say, such as "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" hahaha!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret

I do make jest of my relationship with the big man upstairs (as is evident by that statement. Well played, Melissa, well played...). The fact of the matter is, though, that while I believe and have very positive feelings about God, Jesus and the gang, I know very little about how it all came about. A little part of me wishes I did, but another part of me is satisfied to keep going the way I have been.

Just last night, sitting around the table, there was an even balance of regular church-goers, and Sunday couch potatoes. Me being the couch potato, I found that I would explain and defend myself and my lackadaisical efforts to the others. And my friend kept asking why do I do that, in not so many words.

It got me thinking.

Am I regretful of what I don't know? Do I feel that I missed out on something? Why must I justify this?

To be sure, I am always impressed with people who have a strong faith. Strike that. I am always impressed with people who have a strong, loving and positive faith. Perhaps I have a twinge of jealousy, knowing that they have such a strong connection and confidence, and I do not. But I don't do anything about it to change it.

Instead, I give my action figure Jesus a high five before bedtime, and stand him back up, should he be knocked down. I smile at him and say thanks. Sometimes I nod my head at him and say "word to your mom." That is how I roll.

I suppose that when I am with someone who is all confident, I feel I need to voice that I am not a heathen. Just to be sure. Just to convince myself.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gone with the Wind

Well, it happened. It happened in a big way.

One of my articles ran on the front page of the paper!! (You thought it was going to be something bad, didn't you!?!?) Fantastically enough, it was the paper that came out last week on my very birthday! I'd say it was the best unintentional gift ever.

In all my joy and bliss, I decided to share this good news with two of the subjects of my article - Emily and Sophie. Now, they just happen to be two friends who are very near and dear to my heart, however, they also happened to be two people who have taught English overseas as a second language (the topic of my article). As I was heading down to London this past weekend, I thought I'd grab an extra paper and give one to Emily. There is a giant quote on the front page with her name attached to it. I thought she'd like that.

Dinner. I thought I would give it to her at dinner. But no. I forgot it.

The next morning. I thought I would drop by her house and deliver the paper. But no. Instead, the moment I stepped out into the fresh morning air, the wind whipped that paper out of the crook of my purse! It was dancing about in the wind, always three steps ahead of me. My arms were laden with overnight bags, gifts and my purse, and in as awkward waddle, I chased the paper around the parking lot.

I suddenly heard Charlotte's voice giggling at me and yelling "Just get the front paaaaaaaaaaage!!" Hmm, she had a point, at least I could get the front page. Just then, in another gust of wind, the pages from the paper began to separate from one another and I didn't know where to chase! Now that the pages were singly flying around, they were moving faster and farther out of my reach. A clump landed in a puddle, and the front page, THE FRONT PAGE rested for a moment against a fence. I thought about pouncing on it like a puma (ahem, I just turned 29, so clearly not a cougar), but the bags were wearing me down. I took another step forward and woosh! it was gone.

Sigh....again Charlotte's voice "That paper just wasn't meant to get to Emily..."

So. Here it is. Online. Have a read.

And I went out today and bought a NEW paper, this time I will make sure it gets to Emily's house!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Servin' up Sunday

1. For signing the paperwork on my fabulous new car!! (I get it April 21!)
2. For getting the request for my letter of application from Conestoga.
3. For spending a fab day with family members on my birthday.
4. For the tower of cupcakes that mom made me instead of a cake...mmmm....
5. For the great weekend in London celebrating my birthday with my friends.
6. For Eastside Mario's Linguine Chicken carb craving has been satisfied!
7. For having my article run on the front page of the paper this week -- that was the best unintentional birthday gift ever!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You would think by now that I would have realised that no, I can not completely control life. There are too many influences and people around me, that no matter how hard I try, I can not control them.

Not to suggest that this is a post strewn with negative notions, but rather, it's a realistic idea. I firmly believe that I am in control of my own life, that I am the Queen on the chessboard, not just a pawn to be moved around and taken out for the will of someone else.

But still. Twenty-nine is just a couple hours away and where am I? I seem to have been struggling with the 'where am I?' endless question for quite a while now, if you have failed to notice. And let's be obvious, I think we all have noticed.

While I seem to be floundering a bit, I also seem to be feeling that something is making sense. True, I wish that it entirely made sense, especially at moments-from-twenty-nine, I recognize that I am not the only one in my situation.

In my foundering-like ways, I looks for signs to tell me that I am at least heading in the right direction. Two days ago, I experience the best sign of all time.

There I was, zipping along highway nine at eleven o'clock, singing along to Johnny Cash's version of "Personal Jesus." The words "reach out and touch faith" were spilling out of my mouth as my eyes landed upon a shooting star stream it's way across the night sky. A grin grew across my face and my thoughts settled and heart warmed.

It was my sign that something was right. That I just need to be patient and let it all fall into place. I may not be where I thought I would be, but that's ok, it's on the way.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

1. For the anticipation of Spring's arrival.
2. For the great layout that KSF has in the Visitor's Guide
3. For the Joe Fresh rainboots that are coming my way! Woo woo!!
4. For finding out that my 3 year old niece still goes around saying I'm her favourite aunt -- even when I'm not there to prompt her.
5. For catching up with friends whom I haven't seen in years.
6. For having a friend who told me I am her most put together friend she knows (HA!).
7. For finding out the little baby bean in my sister's belly has a strong heartbeat :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Sevens

Finally this year feels like it kicking into gear!! January and February were soooooo sluggish, but now it's half way through March, and it's just charging forward!!! I am grateful this time around for the quickening pace!

1. For having a friend that has been in my life for over 20 years. She's pretty much the only one I've got from childhood!
2. For spending time with my mom, just chillin' not talking business.
3. For the multitude of desserts my mom bought me, and it's not even my birthday yet!!!
4. For the tour of the local mirco-brewery.
5. For the helpful ladies at Conestoga College who are putting my mind at ease over the simple process of applying to the post-grad program which I seem to be anxious about.
6. For the carb filled meal I had yesterday...mmmm.....
7. For having wonderful grandparents who look out for me and have my best interests at heart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Embrace the moment

Do you know what I love? Hugs. That's right, hugs. I would happily join those Free Hugs people that randomly hit up public places.

I grew up in a house where hugs ran rampant. Arms embracing torsos with the joy of love was the key physical activity in my home. When I left the nest for uni, I severely missed getting my regular dose of hugs. So much so, that I hugged my new friends with a frequency that made me seem weird. I toned it down a little. By my last year, I was living with some friends from home - people who I was entirely 100% comfortable around. So I introduced Hug Time.

Hug Time did not go over as well as I had hoped, but it sure did provoke a lot of entertainment. (Such as me running around the house trying to hug roommates who were laughing hysterically and yelling at me to stop hugging them!)

As I got older, living in more of a solo environment and adult world, the hugging lessened. As did the desire for hugs. I was not prepared to hug my coworkers with the enthusiasm and sincerity that I hugged my family and friends.

I still love hugs, but I take them as they come now. I no longer feel the need to hug someone every time I leave the house. It's still nice, but still...not necessary. Instead, I view hugs as a delightful treat to my day, should I receive one.

Lately, seeing that I have moved back up to the homefront, I am running into people that I haven't seen in a long time. And they give me tremendous hugs. Hugs which I savour and walk away feeling absolutely, positively, wonderful.

Hugs. They really are the best. Go hug someone, it will make their day and yours!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Want vs need? Let's just be thankful.

I've just got to say this. I generally stay away from this kind of rambling, but...

Today on Ellen, she had a segment about finance and the current economic situation. In true Ellen style, she was pulling a fast one so that she could offload a ton of freebies to a select audience member. Which, if I might interrupt myself, God bless her soul for using her position in the entertainment world to constantly give away stuff like that and help people out.

However, the point I am working towards is that she had a financial advisor on the show, and posed the interview that she would take audience questions. The woman, whom I am sure is representative of many people (which is going to press my point further), spoke on her concern over the economy. Her situation is that she and her husband bought a house last year before things were going south, hubby lost his job, but got a new one, and they have yet to move into the new home. She wanted to know from the financial guy what kind of options they have, as they are stretched.

Mr. Finance, as it turns out, is a just a guy who works for Ellen - it's part of the ploy to give away the free stuff. But before this is revealed, he asks her something and she says that they haven't moved because they have nothing to put in the new house. He then scratches his head, looks at Ellen, and says something like, 'can you give her a toaster, maybe? I don't know...'

I'll stop summarizing the show now.

This is what stumped me. Here is this woman, who had just stated that both she and her husband are employed, making decent money. The have a place to live now, and own a home otherwise. Yet, they won't move into the new house, because it's empty. I realise there is more to this story than this, but still. I wonder....what the hell is in the house they are living in right now??? Are they eating off of cardboard boxes? Are they sleeping on a scattering of grocery bags? Somehow, I would suspect they have furniture aplenty in their current residence, but it's not the new shiny stuff they want.

Hate is a strong word, but, I think it's safe for me to say that I hate it when people use situations beyond their control to blame and take advantage. Yes, I recognize the economy is not at it's best right now, but the majority of North Americans are living in heated homes, with running water and food in the cupboard, and clothes on our backs. They might not be the newest clothes, but what is wrong with last year's wardrobe?

Yet here she is, thinking that she is absolutely stuck in a futile situation. Gifts from Ellen is not going to help her. Realising that life ain't so bad is.

All I can do is scratch my head and remember that my own ain't so bad.

Slackerville's Sunday Sevens

1. For finishing the book Eat, Pray, Love. Finally a book that actually lives up to the praise it's been given!
2. For being able to wear my jeans and Puma's to work just because I want to.
3. For the excitement of eBay - even though I never actually bid high enough to 'win,' I still get pretty excited at the thought that I actually might :)
4. For the way that the sunshine warms up the inside of my car even when it's so c-c-c-cold outside!
5. For wonderful smelling soaps and shampoos that they put in hotel rooms.
6. For sushi and wine for dinner!
7. For being able to spend an evening with a friend I haven't seen in ages!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sevens Cinco

1. For pancakes on Pancake Tuesday!! (Which, by the way, I've decided to give up NOT flossing for Lent...good one, eh?!?!)
2. For my editor at the paper who has been thinking my ideas for articles lately are good!
3. For how easy it is to make my Grandma smile :)
4. For my copy of the cd I made Erin - it's just so random, it puts me in a good mood when I listen to it.
5. For these sunshiney days we've been having.
6. For opening the new jar of peanut butter - I've been anxious to finish up the last one, cause the new one is crunchy!!
7. For finding out that one of my bf's has finally moved into her own apartment, which makes her so incredibly happy, which makes me happy!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hail to Sunshine

I'm no meteorologist, but I must say, all this sunshine in the past month really feels extraordinary. I'm feeling pretty confident we've had more sun since January 20 than we normally do at this time of year.

And that makes me feel pretty damn delightful. Just today, I was driving home from my dogsitting gig out of town, and the sun was just streaming in through the windows, kissing my cheeks and putting a smile on my face. Ahhh, such bliss.

One thing that the sun does do, though, is make me antsy for summer. It's one thing to bask in the sun INSIDE the car, all bundled up in my winter coat and scarf, but it's another to be sitting out in the backyard in my shorts and t-shirt, every inch of my bare skin rejoicing in vitamin D.

But for now, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the sun will keep shining and carry me through. You know, I think I'd do very well in a country that does not have a cold winter...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The write way to do it

Do you recall that time I said to myself that I am really going to pursue a career as a freelance writer (among other things)? No? You weren't there with me in the back of my mind? Hmmm, well my apologies for not filling you in.

Turns out, bloggerland, that I did have this conversation with myself. And with a few key people. Such as the editor of the local rag who waved a contract in my face within moments of him reading my samples I provided. And such as the dude at who was advertising for a couple bloggers to join the ranks and offer their sage advise in the field of career development.

Introduction: writing career, I'm proud to introduce you to my business who works with clients on achieving their goals.

They met, they had a glass of pinot grigio, and got along famously. It is a match made in heaven, really.

I may not be the most delighted person at some of the choices I've made, but it turns out the choices that give me stress are actually pushing me in a direction I likely would not have found otherwise. I'll stop saying it's my dumb luck that things fall into place easily, and I'll start saying it's because I'm putting into action my desires to make change.

I like it. And I'll write about it. Here, there, and there too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love, and...Eat Some More

It seems to me that the only times I head to church lately is when food is involved. Not to say that I think food is more important than my faith,'s just good food and I can pray from anywhere.

I can list for you the great meals I've had at different churches, yet I could not list for you those heavenly saints. Is this wrong? Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Irish Stew on St. Patrick's day, church lady sandwiches at summer picnics and (sadly) funerals, full on turkey dinners for the Christmas season. All in my belly. All said with a great big Amen.

The last time my little tush found itself on a pew was for a wedding. And before that, another wedding (both times followed by an excellent meal!). Every wedding I attend I pray to God it's not a Catholic wedding because those damn pews are just so uncomfortable. I have to wonder if the tale I was told about pews is true - that they made them like that so you don't get comfy and start to day dream. Rather, in my case, I get fidgety and stop paying attention because I can't stop thinking about my sore bottom.

What is it about the connection of food and the divine? An answered soul and a nourished belly equate to a connection that is faster than Bruce Telecom's Cheetah internet? Wait, just about anything is faster than that. I recant. A connection that is faster than the speed of light.

Pancake Tuesday, so I've been lead to believe, is named so because we are supposed to make pancakes (duh). We must use up all the rich foodstuff in our pantry's to prepare for lent. Wikipedia (the trustiest of sources...) tells me that donuts were also a common choice (Tim Horton's, here I come!) I have observed Pancake Tuesday for many a year, but not once have I given up something for lent. Does this seem fair to the man in Heaven? Am I going to get a stamp on my hand at the pearly gates that indicates I do not have VIP access?
Clearly, I did not grow up in a church-going family. I was told about God, Jesus, Heaven and all that, but we did not attend Sunday service. This has left me in the dark about the supporting reasons for why Christians do some of the things we do. Such as Lent. I understand that we give up something for 40 days to resist sin and live in self-denial of a favoured item. Honestly, though, to do it for 40 days and then to pick up the habit again, what did we learn? That people get grouchy without their booze, cigarettes, chocolate, pepsi, blah blah blah? If we want to impose a self-denial, we should pick something and stick to it forever. That way, when we walk up to those gates, Saint Peter (I know at least one!) will give us a high five and all access as VIP.

I could say that I will give up sugar in my tea. But in all sincerity, it's something that I've been working down on for a while now, and in doing so, I'm just doing it for my health and not for my soul. Maybe on Wednesday I'll cut out the sugar, maybe I won't. Maybe on Wednesday I'll offer up my thanks by addressing my action figure Jesus instead. He's a nice guy to talk to, afterall.

(Action Figure Jesus baptising the rubber ducky)

I am perfectly aware that the world does not revolve around me. But for Pete's sake, if only during these past few day, it did, then I would have posted yesterday with my seven things!!

As I have previously mentioned, the weather up here in the winter blows. However, when I say blows, I do not mean the slang version meaning bad, as I had meant before. I literally do mean the wind blows the snow around here like it is going to take down the world. And interrupt all of Melissa Macfarlane's travel plans.

The sky in Waterloo yesterday was perfectly blue. We stopped by to see my sister for a quick cup of tea, before carrying on our way north. However, upon leaving, a short 15 minutes outside of the city, and roads were less than ideal for driving. The notion of the next hour and 30 minutes of snow drift covered country roads was enough for us to turn the car around and impose on my sister for the night.

But I digress, here is my list for the week.

1. I am grateful for my sister's kindness in that she was excited that the roads were bad which meant we got to spend the night at her house.
2. For the power outage during the week that prompted an evening huddled around the fireplace telling stories with my grandparents.
3. For having friends scattered across Southern Ontario that I can visit with and always have a great time with them.
4. For snowtires that keep me driving and not skating on the roads.
5. For the glory of facebook - yes, facebook. For it's ability to make me feel not so lonesome at the office where I work alone.
6. For the stranger that my friend and I befriended at the bar who made our night out even more hilarious.
7. Last, but not least, for breakfast at the Sunset Grill on Bloor....mmmm.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Sevens #3...on a Monday!

You guessed it, seven things from the past seven days that I am grateful for!!

1. For having a Grandma who says that she liked the dinner I made over and over, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't.
2. For being able to relate to my girlfriends, even though we are all in entirely different places.
3. For Spike TV and A&E - they make it easy to find a rerun of one of the CSI's.
4. For chocolate milkshakes at The 50's Diner in Hanover...mmmm....
5. For being the kind of person who does not get sucked in by the salesman at the car dealership.
6. For my growing confidence at my job.
7. For being given an apology from an old high school boyfriend, even though it was entirely not necessary now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hard Sell

The lease on my car is coming to an end in the next few months, so I thought I would be on top of the game and check out my options.

I casually strolled into the dealership and laid it out on the table - I want to know what is the better choice, what is most cost effective, etc, etc. I chatted with the salesman for a while, we looked at different cars and pricing structures.

I told him I don't want, or need for the matter, all the fancy stuff on a car. I just want a base model with cd player, that's all. He kept bringing up these cars that had these options on it, and I kept telling him, no thanks!

So he's making a comparison for me, on a loaded car, vs the car my bro bought a few months ago. I look at him and say, "Kris, I should be living in the woods in a hut and riding a bicycle. That's how much I care about having options. I'd be happy with the bike and hut."

He stared at me for a moment and then burst out laughing. I think I drove home my point.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Sevens #2

Things from the past seven days to be grateful for....

1. Being able to meet up with friends for a coffee who I don't get to see that often, even if the reason they came to town was for a funeral.

2. Sunshine!! This past week had a lot of sunshine peeking through. I love the feeling of sun on my face :)

3. Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath. I really bought for when my bro brings Olivia up to visit, but I used it for myself the other made me sleep like a baby.

4. Randomly running into Michelle and Chase in the mall. I was hoping that I'd see someone I knew when I went to London on Saturday afternoon and I did! It makes me happy to see them.

5. My dvd's of Friends. It's my favourite show, and it never fails to make me laugh.

6. The bakery section at Sobey's for having one last piece of cheesecake waiting just for me...

7. The vibrating alarm on my cell phone that gently wakes me up in the morning. Such a delightful way to welcome a new day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What will tomorrow hold?

So I read my horoscope every day. It's kind of more for entertainment, not really a guide for daily life. I used to read it at the end of the day, just to see how it measured up.

Lately, though, I've gotten into the habit of reading it the day before. You know, I click on "tomorrow." Sometimes it makes sense, other times it is completely off base.

But those days when it does make sense, it makes me wonder. I mean yes, I realise that horoscopes are generalized so the reader can apply it to their own life. But when my horoscope says something about how I've been over eating crappy food (which I have been) and I might begin to regret it, and then the very next morning I feel so nauseous I barely want to eat at all. Hmmm....mind over matter? Or how about when it tells me that Monday will not be a good day for work, I won't have much focus, I'll be interrupted a lot, and then Monday turns out to be just so. Creepy, or am I making these things happen?

Ahhh...only the stars above know.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Everything I need to know…I didn't learn in Kindergarten

I’m 28. Soon to be 29. What I am about admit to you, you would not expect to hear from someone my age. If a 12 year old girl told you this, I think you’d shrug it off. But this…this is, completely and utterly nonsensical.

This past weekend, my little three year old niece Olivia came up for a visit. After supper time, she and I went on a hunt for the missing flashlight (ahem, the flashlight that I had hid in the cupboard before dinner because she was flashing it in everyone’s eyes…shhhh). We went upstairs and looked in every room. When we got to my room, I sat down, and she looked at all my stuff. I showed her my stuffed animals (yes, I still have some on my bed), and then I picked up this lovely fluffy dog and asked her if she would like to sleep with it.

She said yes.

My heart began to race and my hands started to shake.

Inside my head there was this panicked voice screaming at me ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! YOU’RE GIVING YOUR TOY TO HER!?!??! I then answered the voice and told myself I was silly. She’s my niece who I love love love to pieces, and this dog was only a toy.

But still. I couldn’t believe I had even offered this.

So what did I do? Well…I gingerly took back my stuffed animal, hugged him, and promptly put him back on my bed where he belongs and shooed Olivia out of the room.

Phew, this explosive sharing situation was avoided!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The first Sunday Sevens

Ok, here we go. Seven things that I am grateful for from this past week.

1. Snow tires
2. Text messaging
3. 27 Dresses (seriously)
4. Olivia's giggle
5. Coffee from Books and Beans
6. Having an older bro who admits to needing some advice from me (hehehehe)
7. My notebook and pen

I feel that I am off to an excellent start!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Answering the Call

We can all use a pick me up every now and then. We can all use a kick in the pants from time to time as well.

My blog buddy (also known as bff Julia mentioned below), came across a blog challenge, Grace in Small Things. In the past, I have blogged about things that I am grateful for. I tell my mom and my friends about things that I am grateful for. But I'm not really in the habit of thinking about it every single day, the way that I should.

And when I say, "the way that I should," I mean in the way that I really do have a blessed life, even though my neurotic little mind doesn't get it sometimes. God bless North America and our life of never ending want. That's a whole other post....anywho.

So here's my answer to the challenge. Sunday Sevens. Every Sunday, (assuming I am somewhere that I can post) I will blog about seven things from the previous week that I am grateful for. From little things like the new slippers I bought, to big things, like my grandparents.

Oh, it's on Julia, it's on!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The pedal to the metal

This past weekend I went to visit old bff (not to say she's not a current bff, but I mean my oldest bff) Julia.

She lives in the fine city of TO - the fine city that I just ran away from as if it was burning to the ground, and the hem of my pants were close to catching on fire.

The short drive from where I dropped my mom off in Mississauga to Julia's apartment took me well over an hour. Now, I'm sure there was a quicker route, but alas, I pretty much picked my route by the street names I knew. Really, that makes sense, doesn't it?

As I sat in traffic, I became aware of my road rage once again. Sigh. Damn those drivers on their cell phones, damn those drivers who don't stay in their lanes, damn those drivers who cut me off, and damn those drivers whose music blares so loud, I have to turn up my own radio to hear it. The thump thump thump of Ludacris drowns out my Taylor Swift. Sheesh!

Funny thing though, is that driving to me is a relaxing escape. When I'm feeling all mixed up about anything, being able to get into the car and drive somewhere just leaves the stress in the dust. So even in my moments of road rage on St. Claire Ave, I still find peace. You know, in between the yelling and throwing my hands in the air. I can breathe...breathe...breathe.

I was happy to park my car in the parking lot of her building and let it sit there, untouched, until I was ready to head back home. I don't actually mind driving in traffic, but the TTC really is a godsend. I finally used up the rest of my tokens I took with me when I left, thinking that I will eventually use them. True, it's only been a matter of about 4 months, but still, that seems an awful long time to have 3 tokens, considering I'd go through 10 in a week before.

We zipped our way around the city by streetcar or subway. As I stood up on the subway to get ready for our stop, I had to focus to keep my balance. I felt like my subway-riding skills I had perfected went down the drain. (Could also have something to do with the fact that I am a couch potato now...) I teetered back and forth and had to hold the pole to stay on my feet. Good thing this was before the wine (but after the mimosa with lunch).

Everyone is just in such a rush to get places down there. It's a city on the go. Perhaps it was their frantic actions that started the fire that made me leave...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And then....nothing!

The all too familiar situation came around yet again. For the first time, however, it happened in this little town.

I ran into a rather good looking guy on the street. He was standing there with a map in hand, looking up and down the road. He asked me if I could point out on the map just where he was. I pointed to him our location, as he told me he was in town that day for interview and wanted to check out the town.

Conversation started about the town and I thought to myself, hmmm...nice prospect. Our chat came to a lull, and I had to get to work. We said goodbye and walked away.

As I turned around it dawned on me that I did not ask him his name, nor did I tell him mine. I didn't wish him luck on his interview and say I hope to run into him again. I had the opportunity before me, and I forgot to flirt it up!!

This, folks, seems to be my problem. When the perfect situation arrives, my mind goes blank and I forget, and then I walk away. A wasted moment, really. Geeze Louise!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready and Waiting

There are words stuck in my fingertips. I sit with my laptop on top of my lap, my fingers posed and hovering asdf jkl;. There are thoughts are jammed in my head, struggling to get out, yet they stay there, like cholesterol blocking up an atery. Maybe I need one of those balloons to get it all out...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I don't know if you noticed, but apparently I am having trouble making up my mind with the layout of this blog. It seems that I am changing it every other day. I think, however, that I have just decided this one is a keeper. I love that it is exactly the same one I had before I started changing it all around with the exception of the colour.

Yes. I do drive myself crazy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Colour me bad

I've been keeping a keen eye over the past year or so for any changes. You know, those changes that come with age. For example, grey hair. Each inspection proved to be a good one - not a single silver hair was found.

Blond reigns true!!

Until two days ago, that is. There I was getting ready for bed, brushing teeth, looking at my baby crows feet. And something caught my eye. A glimmer, if you will, a sparkle that emanated from my half up - half down hairdo.

I put my interest in the tiny wrinkles aside, and slowly moved my hand up to capture this...thing...I saw shimmering in my hair.

I delicately grabbed a hold of it. Hmmm....just what was I seeing?

Now, if you knew me, you would know I am a long time dyer of my hair. Since the tender age of 14, when my beach blond hair was introduced to the ways of the woman and quickly became a shade known as dirty blond. I put a stop to that with my friend Miss Clairol! In the past few years, however, I have been making efforts to have a more healthy head of hair, meaning that I only dye what is on top. Underneath was au natural until about September when I was overcome by hair dye excitement.

Right, my point. So in these past few years, I have been admiring the real colour of my hair. Depending on the light, it can be a warm golden blond with some red thrown in there, or it can appear a cool silvery blond.

This cool silvery blond had made the search for greys a bit tedious, as I have to examine extra careful and consider the lighting. My little moments in the past when my heart has pitter pattered over the suspected spotting of a grey were quickly vanquished when I realised I had jumped to conclusions.

I had hoped this was the case two days ago.

So there I was, straining and peering, cocking my head to the right to try to get a good look. I found my makeup bag and rummaged for a hand mirror to try to look at it from another angle. It showed me the same thing, a strand once full of life and colour, now announcing the fact that age is catching me.

There was only one way to be sure. I ran to my bedroom, still holding onto the strand, and found my little scissors. I was going to cut it out! Hold it right in front of my eyes and confirm once and for all.

A single snip. I held it out before me. I squinted. I sighed. I held it up high. I held it down low. I pulled it through my fingertips pressed together.

It sure looked grey to me.

Curses. I looked back at the mirror. And there, out of the corner of my eye, was a glimmer. A second glimmer. Heavens have mercy, there were two!! What is a girl to do!?!

I pulled the hair elastic out of my hair and shook my head. As my hair fell and covered the tale tell signs, I took a quick once over of the top. Nothing. Relief.

I let it be. It will become me. Perhaps these two strands are just a quick hello from 2009, and their friends will not come around for many more years.

You keep your fingers crossed for me, and I shall for you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I resolve...

New Years Resolutions. Why do we have to make resolutions for the New Year? I suppose it is that mentality of a new year, a new start, blah blah blah, and all that. I like to think that we should make resolutions for ourselves at any given time during the year. You could look at it from the perspective of "it's a new month/day/hour/minute" or whatever.

Regardless. I do have a resolution for this year. I need to a make a change, a real change (as opposed to those 'fake' changes I made last year!). I'm not exactly sure just what this change entails but I suspect it involves a better focus on my business, and now on my writing and taking that to a whole new level.

Tee hee, and I resolve to blog more again. We've heard that one before, I know, but look! Already 2 posts for 2009! I'm off to an excellent start!

Good luck to you and your resolutions!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counting Backwards

It seems that 2009 has found it's way into my life already. I am still looking over my shoulder wondering where 2008 went. The 12 months that have just whipped right by me left me with a few learned lessons.

  • I am full of it. Yup, that's right. Take a peek backwards and you will see little entries where I promised to blog more. Yet I did not keep my word. Sigh...
  • Changing my choices paid off!! Running blindly into the future got me a gig as a writer, so way to go on being foolish and perhaps irresponsible! Woop woop!!
  • My dedication to buying lottery tickets hasn't exactly paid off just yet. But don't worry, I'll keep at it! I don't believe in giving up!
  • The intuition razor is not all it promises. If it really knew what I needed in a razor, it would last more than 5 shaves. It's intuition is not validated.
  • Living the city made me crave the country. Living the country made me crave the city. Clearly, I just don't know what I want. Perhaps I'll figure this out in 2009!

Sure, these lessons might seem frivolous to you, but to me...major impact. It's not just beauty that is in the eye of the beholder. So is life.