Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gone with the Wind

Well, it happened. It happened in a big way.

One of my articles ran on the front page of the paper!! (You thought it was going to be something bad, didn't you!?!?) Fantastically enough, it was the paper that came out last week on my very birthday! I'd say it was the best unintentional gift ever.

In all my joy and bliss, I decided to share this good news with two of the subjects of my article - Emily and Sophie. Now, they just happen to be two friends who are very near and dear to my heart, however, they also happened to be two people who have taught English overseas as a second language (the topic of my article). As I was heading down to London this past weekend, I thought I'd grab an extra paper and give one to Emily. There is a giant quote on the front page with her name attached to it. I thought she'd like that.

Dinner. I thought I would give it to her at dinner. But no. I forgot it.

The next morning. I thought I would drop by her house and deliver the paper. But no. Instead, the moment I stepped out into the fresh morning air, the wind whipped that paper out of the crook of my purse! It was dancing about in the wind, always three steps ahead of me. My arms were laden with overnight bags, gifts and my purse, and in as awkward waddle, I chased the paper around the parking lot.

I suddenly heard Charlotte's voice giggling at me and yelling "Just get the front paaaaaaaaaaage!!" Hmm, she had a point, at least I could get the front page. Just then, in another gust of wind, the pages from the paper began to separate from one another and I didn't know where to chase! Now that the pages were singly flying around, they were moving faster and farther out of my reach. A clump landed in a puddle, and the front page, THE FRONT PAGE rested for a moment against a fence. I thought about pouncing on it like a puma (ahem, I just turned 29, so clearly not a cougar), but the bags were wearing me down. I took another step forward and woosh! it was gone.

Sigh....again Charlotte's voice "That paper just wasn't meant to get to Emily..."

So. Here it is. Online. Have a read.

And I went out today and bought a NEW paper, this time I will make sure it gets to Emily's house!


Nathan & Tara said...

maybe you should have put your bags down?

Anonymous said...

I just read this and laughed yet again.