Friday, March 13, 2009

Embrace the moment

Do you know what I love? Hugs. That's right, hugs. I would happily join those Free Hugs people that randomly hit up public places.

I grew up in a house where hugs ran rampant. Arms embracing torsos with the joy of love was the key physical activity in my home. When I left the nest for uni, I severely missed getting my regular dose of hugs. So much so, that I hugged my new friends with a frequency that made me seem weird. I toned it down a little. By my last year, I was living with some friends from home - people who I was entirely 100% comfortable around. So I introduced Hug Time.

Hug Time did not go over as well as I had hoped, but it sure did provoke a lot of entertainment. (Such as me running around the house trying to hug roommates who were laughing hysterically and yelling at me to stop hugging them!)

As I got older, living in more of a solo environment and adult world, the hugging lessened. As did the desire for hugs. I was not prepared to hug my coworkers with the enthusiasm and sincerity that I hugged my family and friends.

I still love hugs, but I take them as they come now. I no longer feel the need to hug someone every time I leave the house. It's still nice, but still...not necessary. Instead, I view hugs as a delightful treat to my day, should I receive one.

Lately, seeing that I have moved back up to the homefront, I am running into people that I haven't seen in a long time. And they give me tremendous hugs. Hugs which I savour and walk away feeling absolutely, positively, wonderful.

Hugs. They really are the best. Go hug someone, it will make their day and yours!

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