Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hail to Sunshine

I'm no meteorologist, but I must say, all this sunshine in the past month really feels extraordinary. I'm feeling pretty confident we've had more sun since January 20 than we normally do at this time of year.

And that makes me feel pretty damn delightful. Just today, I was driving home from my dogsitting gig out of town, and the sun was just streaming in through the windows, kissing my cheeks and putting a smile on my face. Ahhh, such bliss.

One thing that the sun does do, though, is make me antsy for summer. It's one thing to bask in the sun INSIDE the car, all bundled up in my winter coat and scarf, but it's another to be sitting out in the backyard in my shorts and t-shirt, every inch of my bare skin rejoicing in vitamin D.

But for now, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the sun will keep shining and carry me through. You know, I think I'd do very well in a country that does not have a cold winter...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The write way to do it

Do you recall that time I said to myself that I am really going to pursue a career as a freelance writer (among other things)? No? You weren't there with me in the back of my mind? Hmmm, well my apologies for not filling you in.

Turns out, bloggerland, that I did have this conversation with myself. And with a few key people. Such as the editor of the local rag who waved a contract in my face within moments of him reading my samples I provided. And such as the dude at who was advertising for a couple bloggers to join the ranks and offer their sage advise in the field of career development.

Introduction: writing career, I'm proud to introduce you to my business who works with clients on achieving their goals.

They met, they had a glass of pinot grigio, and got along famously. It is a match made in heaven, really.

I may not be the most delighted person at some of the choices I've made, but it turns out the choices that give me stress are actually pushing me in a direction I likely would not have found otherwise. I'll stop saying it's my dumb luck that things fall into place easily, and I'll start saying it's because I'm putting into action my desires to make change.

I like it. And I'll write about it. Here, there, and there too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love, and...Eat Some More

It seems to me that the only times I head to church lately is when food is involved. Not to say that I think food is more important than my faith,'s just good food and I can pray from anywhere.

I can list for you the great meals I've had at different churches, yet I could not list for you those heavenly saints. Is this wrong? Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Irish Stew on St. Patrick's day, church lady sandwiches at summer picnics and (sadly) funerals, full on turkey dinners for the Christmas season. All in my belly. All said with a great big Amen.

The last time my little tush found itself on a pew was for a wedding. And before that, another wedding (both times followed by an excellent meal!). Every wedding I attend I pray to God it's not a Catholic wedding because those damn pews are just so uncomfortable. I have to wonder if the tale I was told about pews is true - that they made them like that so you don't get comfy and start to day dream. Rather, in my case, I get fidgety and stop paying attention because I can't stop thinking about my sore bottom.

What is it about the connection of food and the divine? An answered soul and a nourished belly equate to a connection that is faster than Bruce Telecom's Cheetah internet? Wait, just about anything is faster than that. I recant. A connection that is faster than the speed of light.

Pancake Tuesday, so I've been lead to believe, is named so because we are supposed to make pancakes (duh). We must use up all the rich foodstuff in our pantry's to prepare for lent. Wikipedia (the trustiest of sources...) tells me that donuts were also a common choice (Tim Horton's, here I come!) I have observed Pancake Tuesday for many a year, but not once have I given up something for lent. Does this seem fair to the man in Heaven? Am I going to get a stamp on my hand at the pearly gates that indicates I do not have VIP access?
Clearly, I did not grow up in a church-going family. I was told about God, Jesus, Heaven and all that, but we did not attend Sunday service. This has left me in the dark about the supporting reasons for why Christians do some of the things we do. Such as Lent. I understand that we give up something for 40 days to resist sin and live in self-denial of a favoured item. Honestly, though, to do it for 40 days and then to pick up the habit again, what did we learn? That people get grouchy without their booze, cigarettes, chocolate, pepsi, blah blah blah? If we want to impose a self-denial, we should pick something and stick to it forever. That way, when we walk up to those gates, Saint Peter (I know at least one!) will give us a high five and all access as VIP.

I could say that I will give up sugar in my tea. But in all sincerity, it's something that I've been working down on for a while now, and in doing so, I'm just doing it for my health and not for my soul. Maybe on Wednesday I'll cut out the sugar, maybe I won't. Maybe on Wednesday I'll offer up my thanks by addressing my action figure Jesus instead. He's a nice guy to talk to, afterall.

(Action Figure Jesus baptising the rubber ducky)

I am perfectly aware that the world does not revolve around me. But for Pete's sake, if only during these past few day, it did, then I would have posted yesterday with my seven things!!

As I have previously mentioned, the weather up here in the winter blows. However, when I say blows, I do not mean the slang version meaning bad, as I had meant before. I literally do mean the wind blows the snow around here like it is going to take down the world. And interrupt all of Melissa Macfarlane's travel plans.

The sky in Waterloo yesterday was perfectly blue. We stopped by to see my sister for a quick cup of tea, before carrying on our way north. However, upon leaving, a short 15 minutes outside of the city, and roads were less than ideal for driving. The notion of the next hour and 30 minutes of snow drift covered country roads was enough for us to turn the car around and impose on my sister for the night.

But I digress, here is my list for the week.

1. I am grateful for my sister's kindness in that she was excited that the roads were bad which meant we got to spend the night at her house.
2. For the power outage during the week that prompted an evening huddled around the fireplace telling stories with my grandparents.
3. For having friends scattered across Southern Ontario that I can visit with and always have a great time with them.
4. For snowtires that keep me driving and not skating on the roads.
5. For the glory of facebook - yes, facebook. For it's ability to make me feel not so lonesome at the office where I work alone.
6. For the stranger that my friend and I befriended at the bar who made our night out even more hilarious.
7. Last, but not least, for breakfast at the Sunset Grill on Bloor....mmmm.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Sevens #3...on a Monday!

You guessed it, seven things from the past seven days that I am grateful for!!

1. For having a Grandma who says that she liked the dinner I made over and over, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't.
2. For being able to relate to my girlfriends, even though we are all in entirely different places.
3. For Spike TV and A&E - they make it easy to find a rerun of one of the CSI's.
4. For chocolate milkshakes at The 50's Diner in Hanover...mmmm....
5. For being the kind of person who does not get sucked in by the salesman at the car dealership.
6. For my growing confidence at my job.
7. For being given an apology from an old high school boyfriend, even though it was entirely not necessary now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hard Sell

The lease on my car is coming to an end in the next few months, so I thought I would be on top of the game and check out my options.

I casually strolled into the dealership and laid it out on the table - I want to know what is the better choice, what is most cost effective, etc, etc. I chatted with the salesman for a while, we looked at different cars and pricing structures.

I told him I don't want, or need for the matter, all the fancy stuff on a car. I just want a base model with cd player, that's all. He kept bringing up these cars that had these options on it, and I kept telling him, no thanks!

So he's making a comparison for me, on a loaded car, vs the car my bro bought a few months ago. I look at him and say, "Kris, I should be living in the woods in a hut and riding a bicycle. That's how much I care about having options. I'd be happy with the bike and hut."

He stared at me for a moment and then burst out laughing. I think I drove home my point.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Sevens #2

Things from the past seven days to be grateful for....

1. Being able to meet up with friends for a coffee who I don't get to see that often, even if the reason they came to town was for a funeral.

2. Sunshine!! This past week had a lot of sunshine peeking through. I love the feeling of sun on my face :)

3. Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath. I really bought for when my bro brings Olivia up to visit, but I used it for myself the other made me sleep like a baby.

4. Randomly running into Michelle and Chase in the mall. I was hoping that I'd see someone I knew when I went to London on Saturday afternoon and I did! It makes me happy to see them.

5. My dvd's of Friends. It's my favourite show, and it never fails to make me laugh.

6. The bakery section at Sobey's for having one last piece of cheesecake waiting just for me...

7. The vibrating alarm on my cell phone that gently wakes me up in the morning. Such a delightful way to welcome a new day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What will tomorrow hold?

So I read my horoscope every day. It's kind of more for entertainment, not really a guide for daily life. I used to read it at the end of the day, just to see how it measured up.

Lately, though, I've gotten into the habit of reading it the day before. You know, I click on "tomorrow." Sometimes it makes sense, other times it is completely off base.

But those days when it does make sense, it makes me wonder. I mean yes, I realise that horoscopes are generalized so the reader can apply it to their own life. But when my horoscope says something about how I've been over eating crappy food (which I have been) and I might begin to regret it, and then the very next morning I feel so nauseous I barely want to eat at all. Hmmm....mind over matter? Or how about when it tells me that Monday will not be a good day for work, I won't have much focus, I'll be interrupted a lot, and then Monday turns out to be just so. Creepy, or am I making these things happen?

Ahhh...only the stars above know.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Everything I need to know…I didn't learn in Kindergarten

I’m 28. Soon to be 29. What I am about admit to you, you would not expect to hear from someone my age. If a 12 year old girl told you this, I think you’d shrug it off. But this…this is, completely and utterly nonsensical.

This past weekend, my little three year old niece Olivia came up for a visit. After supper time, she and I went on a hunt for the missing flashlight (ahem, the flashlight that I had hid in the cupboard before dinner because she was flashing it in everyone’s eyes…shhhh). We went upstairs and looked in every room. When we got to my room, I sat down, and she looked at all my stuff. I showed her my stuffed animals (yes, I still have some on my bed), and then I picked up this lovely fluffy dog and asked her if she would like to sleep with it.

She said yes.

My heart began to race and my hands started to shake.

Inside my head there was this panicked voice screaming at me ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! YOU’RE GIVING YOUR TOY TO HER!?!??! I then answered the voice and told myself I was silly. She’s my niece who I love love love to pieces, and this dog was only a toy.

But still. I couldn’t believe I had even offered this.

So what did I do? Well…I gingerly took back my stuffed animal, hugged him, and promptly put him back on my bed where he belongs and shooed Olivia out of the room.

Phew, this explosive sharing situation was avoided!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The first Sunday Sevens

Ok, here we go. Seven things that I am grateful for from this past week.

1. Snow tires
2. Text messaging
3. 27 Dresses (seriously)
4. Olivia's giggle
5. Coffee from Books and Beans
6. Having an older bro who admits to needing some advice from me (hehehehe)
7. My notebook and pen

I feel that I am off to an excellent start!