Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The write way to do it

Do you recall that time I said to myself that I am really going to pursue a career as a freelance writer (among other things)? No? You weren't there with me in the back of my mind? Hmmm, well my apologies for not filling you in.

Turns out, bloggerland, that I did have this conversation with myself. And with a few key people. Such as the editor of the local rag who waved a contract in my face within moments of him reading my samples I provided. And such as the dude at who was advertising for a couple bloggers to join the ranks and offer their sage advise in the field of career development.

Introduction: writing career, I'm proud to introduce you to my business who works with clients on achieving their goals.

They met, they had a glass of pinot grigio, and got along famously. It is a match made in heaven, really.

I may not be the most delighted person at some of the choices I've made, but it turns out the choices that give me stress are actually pushing me in a direction I likely would not have found otherwise. I'll stop saying it's my dumb luck that things fall into place easily, and I'll start saying it's because I'm putting into action my desires to make change.

I like it. And I'll write about it. Here, there, and there too.

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Echo said...

I am so proud of you babe. You really work that positive thinking. Thoughts = action!!!!