Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hail to Sunshine

I'm no meteorologist, but I must say, all this sunshine in the past month really feels extraordinary. I'm feeling pretty confident we've had more sun since January 20 than we normally do at this time of year.

And that makes me feel pretty damn delightful. Just today, I was driving home from my dogsitting gig out of town, and the sun was just streaming in through the windows, kissing my cheeks and putting a smile on my face. Ahhh, such bliss.

One thing that the sun does do, though, is make me antsy for summer. It's one thing to bask in the sun INSIDE the car, all bundled up in my winter coat and scarf, but it's another to be sitting out in the backyard in my shorts and t-shirt, every inch of my bare skin rejoicing in vitamin D.

But for now, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the sun will keep shining and carry me through. You know, I think I'd do very well in a country that does not have a cold winter...

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