Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Sevens #3...on a Monday!

You guessed it, seven things from the past seven days that I am grateful for!!

1. For having a Grandma who says that she liked the dinner I made over and over, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't.
2. For being able to relate to my girlfriends, even though we are all in entirely different places.
3. For Spike TV and A&E - they make it easy to find a rerun of one of the CSI's.
4. For chocolate milkshakes at The 50's Diner in Hanover...mmmm....
5. For being the kind of person who does not get sucked in by the salesman at the car dealership.
6. For my growing confidence at my job.
7. For being given an apology from an old high school boyfriend, even though it was entirely not necessary now.

1 comment:

Echo said...

Wow...i love number 7. To be honest even when apologies are past their expiration date I am still a fan. In fact I have been the one to apologise way after the fact before too. I think it's just nice when someone realizes they may have hurt your feelings or treated you poorly and still wants to make amends years later.