Monday, August 9, 2010

Is it wrong I think this is funny? Not according to this mom.

As a non-parent, I often wonder how they do it. How do parents--particularly those of young children--get through the day without laughing so blatantly at their children? Once a child myself, I can admit to having participated in some spectacular events which would have caused the entire world to point and laugh, had they but known.

I was shopping at the Sprawl-Mart a while back, casually perusing the dairy aisle. A mother with her two young children were hastily making their way past me. The boy looked like he was maybe four, while the girl who was safely tucked in the shopping cart seat, was about two. I was just putting some cheese into my basket when "WHACK!!" the boy had run face first into the mirrored pole!!!

Every bone in my body wanted to laugh at this, but social decency prevented me from anything but kindness. I looked at the mom who was now standing beside me. She was silent. She turned her head slowly towards me, hiding her face from her childen.

Her face was a mirrored image of what I was harbouring inside. She was doing her best to contain herself.

"Is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen!?!?!" She whispered to me.

I stiffled a giggle and muttered "Yes. Yes it was."

We both took a deep breath and looked back up. She put on her mom face and rushed to her boy, who had yet to cry. He was stunned. After the quick mom assessment, he was deemed ok, and we continued on our shopping way.

I was relieved that she also found this funny. It's nice to know that I won't be the only parent who is terribly amused by clumsy children.