Sunday, May 13, 2012

Milk and Honey

It has recently come to my attention that my apartment is somewhat 'cluttered.'  Defiantly, I say that my apartment is so tiny the only way it could look is cluttered.  Storage space does not exist.  My attempts at making my own storage space only adds to the clutter.  Tall shelving units with prettily patterned boxes contain this, that, and other, but are still a distraction to the eye.

In all of my random bibs and bobs, I've acquired something new.  A boyfriend.  I know, I know, it's quite exciting.  This new boyfriend has a house all to himself.  A house with cupboards, closets, drawers...reasonable places for reasonable (and unreasonable) items.  His house is clutter free.  We spend most of our time at his house, spacious as it is.

The boy is so clutter free, even his kitchen cabinets and fridge are sparce.  Imagine my chagrin on a Sunday morning when all I want is a decent cup of tea and there is no milk in the fridge, no sugar in the bowl.  Bless his sweet soul, he bought me Earl Grey tea, which I can happily manage without the milk and sugar.  Being that he is not a tea drinker, he failed to notice the label that said "Decaffinated."  So I packed up a little bag of Tetley and stashed it in his cupboard.  Tetley is my go-to tea.  I've been drinking it since the wee age of 3, when my grandma would make a milky cup just for me.  Tetley without milk is unfathomable to me.

He always apologizes profusely for the lack of milk.  I tell him it's ok, as I groggily stumble to the couch and daydream of caffine. 

I have to wonder at his shopping plan.  Without fail, Sunday is his shopping day.  He's usually out of food by Friday.  My shopping days are sporatically placed, as I zip over to the grocery store when I can and as needed.  My fridge never has a lack of milk, my sugar bowl is not empty. 

In fact, my fridge has items that can be thrown together to make a meal, at pretty much all times.  It may not be the most amazing meal of your life, but a meal I can make.

The cluttered conversation comes up - he says he does not like clutter, I defend my teeny apartment brimming to the ceiling. 

He says "Even your fridge is cluttered!!"

*silence ensues with a death stare*

I say "It's called I have food."

*no comment from the boyfriend*

 Clutter may be a visual distraction, clutter may be a little too much of hanging onto things.  But clutter in the fridge keeps me happy.  And if I may, my fridge is organized in a tidy can find most things in just a moment.