Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Fluffy Flakes Fill the Sky

Blustery days and nights have been abound in Bruce County. We are weathered drivers ready to take on snow covered roads and face white outs.

Well, most of us are.

There I was, driving along the county road as flakes were making their way to the ground on the crisp night. The roads were not too slick, but slick enough to keep me well paced.

It's not so bad, I thought, as I slowed down for the village ahead. Warm windows glowed along the side of the road, revealing families inside safe and warm. I picked up the pace as I left the village.

Suddenly I was surrounded by snow - I didn't know where it came from. I took my foot off the gas and gripped the wheel.

Just breathe...

Sure, I didn't know where the shoulder was, or if I was in my lane, but, I thought, as least I know where I am. I know this road like the back of my hand. I am just past Lucknow....

Oh God. Wait. I felt like I was suckerpunched. I haven't gotten to Lucknow yet. Where in the F am I!?!? I can't see anything but white and I don't know where I am!!

I couldn't even breathe.

I started to talk to myself out loud. "Don't panic, don't panic. Where did I just drive through?" I drew a blank. Hollyrood. "Hollyrood. I just drove through Hollyrood. I know where I am."

Thank God this road is straight.

"Ok, think Melissa. Think of this road. Where are you on this road?" I felt the car go up an incline. I caught my breath. "You are going up this hill, and there is the house on the left, you'll go back down the hill, the road is straight."

The wall of white was lifting. I couldn't see the house on the left. My mind started to scream again WHERE AM I!?!?

Still creeping forward, I felt the car go up another incline. The snow was dissipating. I saw the house I thought was a hundred meters back. My shoulders fell, the constricted feeling in my chest subsided.

I drove out of the white out. Barely a flake was in the air. I could see the lights of Lucknow farther up the road. I could see the stars in the sky.

Winter driving sucks.

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A said...

hehe... is it sad that i know exactly what part of the road you are talking about?