Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counting Backwards

It seems that 2009 has found it's way into my life already. I am still looking over my shoulder wondering where 2008 went. The 12 months that have just whipped right by me left me with a few learned lessons.

  • I am full of it. Yup, that's right. Take a peek backwards and you will see little entries where I promised to blog more. Yet I did not keep my word. Sigh...
  • Changing my choices paid off!! Running blindly into the future got me a gig as a writer, so way to go on being foolish and perhaps irresponsible! Woop woop!!
  • My dedication to buying lottery tickets hasn't exactly paid off just yet. But don't worry, I'll keep at it! I don't believe in giving up!
  • The intuition razor is not all it promises. If it really knew what I needed in a razor, it would last more than 5 shaves. It's intuition is not validated.
  • Living the city made me crave the country. Living the country made me crave the city. Clearly, I just don't know what I want. Perhaps I'll figure this out in 2009!

Sure, these lessons might seem frivolous to you, but to me...major impact. It's not just beauty that is in the eye of the beholder. So is life.

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Nathan & Tara said...


it will change your life and the blades last forever.