Sunday, January 18, 2009

And then....nothing!

The all too familiar situation came around yet again. For the first time, however, it happened in this little town.

I ran into a rather good looking guy on the street. He was standing there with a map in hand, looking up and down the road. He asked me if I could point out on the map just where he was. I pointed to him our location, as he told me he was in town that day for interview and wanted to check out the town.

Conversation started about the town and I thought to myself, hmmm...nice prospect. Our chat came to a lull, and I had to get to work. We said goodbye and walked away.

As I turned around it dawned on me that I did not ask him his name, nor did I tell him mine. I didn't wish him luck on his interview and say I hope to run into him again. I had the opportunity before me, and I forgot to flirt it up!!

This, folks, seems to be my problem. When the perfect situation arrives, my mind goes blank and I forget, and then I walk away. A wasted moment, really. Geeze Louise!!!

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Anonymous said...

If it is meant to be, you shall meet up with him again before this year is out. Perhaps, even, in the summer months. July I am thinking - he just might show up at the Scottish Festival.

One never knows, or do they?