Friday, January 30, 2009

Answering the Call

We can all use a pick me up every now and then. We can all use a kick in the pants from time to time as well.

My blog buddy (also known as bff Julia mentioned below), came across a blog challenge, Grace in Small Things. In the past, I have blogged about things that I am grateful for. I tell my mom and my friends about things that I am grateful for. But I'm not really in the habit of thinking about it every single day, the way that I should.

And when I say, "the way that I should," I mean in the way that I really do have a blessed life, even though my neurotic little mind doesn't get it sometimes. God bless North America and our life of never ending want. That's a whole other post....anywho.

So here's my answer to the challenge. Sunday Sevens. Every Sunday, (assuming I am somewhere that I can post) I will blog about seven things from the previous week that I am grateful for. From little things like the new slippers I bought, to big things, like my grandparents.

Oh, it's on Julia, it's on!

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