Monday, March 9, 2009

Want vs need? Let's just be thankful.

I've just got to say this. I generally stay away from this kind of rambling, but...

Today on Ellen, she had a segment about finance and the current economic situation. In true Ellen style, she was pulling a fast one so that she could offload a ton of freebies to a select audience member. Which, if I might interrupt myself, God bless her soul for using her position in the entertainment world to constantly give away stuff like that and help people out.

However, the point I am working towards is that she had a financial advisor on the show, and posed the interview that she would take audience questions. The woman, whom I am sure is representative of many people (which is going to press my point further), spoke on her concern over the economy. Her situation is that she and her husband bought a house last year before things were going south, hubby lost his job, but got a new one, and they have yet to move into the new home. She wanted to know from the financial guy what kind of options they have, as they are stretched.

Mr. Finance, as it turns out, is a just a guy who works for Ellen - it's part of the ploy to give away the free stuff. But before this is revealed, he asks her something and she says that they haven't moved because they have nothing to put in the new house. He then scratches his head, looks at Ellen, and says something like, 'can you give her a toaster, maybe? I don't know...'

I'll stop summarizing the show now.

This is what stumped me. Here is this woman, who had just stated that both she and her husband are employed, making decent money. The have a place to live now, and own a home otherwise. Yet, they won't move into the new house, because it's empty. I realise there is more to this story than this, but still. I wonder....what the hell is in the house they are living in right now??? Are they eating off of cardboard boxes? Are they sleeping on a scattering of grocery bags? Somehow, I would suspect they have furniture aplenty in their current residence, but it's not the new shiny stuff they want.

Hate is a strong word, but, I think it's safe for me to say that I hate it when people use situations beyond their control to blame and take advantage. Yes, I recognize the economy is not at it's best right now, but the majority of North Americans are living in heated homes, with running water and food in the cupboard, and clothes on our backs. They might not be the newest clothes, but what is wrong with last year's wardrobe?

Yet here she is, thinking that she is absolutely stuck in a futile situation. Gifts from Ellen is not going to help her. Realising that life ain't so bad is.

All I can do is scratch my head and remember that my own ain't so bad.

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