Monday, June 22, 2009

Rise and Shine!

I nearly spit out my cereal this morning when my grandma talked about my brother at my sister's baby shower they day before...

Grandma: "Oh Mike had a nice time. He enjoys things like that doesn't he?"

Me: "Yeah, Mike likes a good crowd."

Grandma: "But he kept asking me if I was ok. Ugh, he wouldn't stop 'Are you ok? Are you ok?' He wouldn't leave me alone!" (Said with a face of annoyance)

Me ~ waving my spoon in front of me, biting my tongue, and putting my spoon back in my bowl of cereal.

Grandpa ~ sees me struggling to keep the explosion of WFT inside of me

Me: (thoughts properly gathered) "Ha ha Grandma, maybe he's just getting you back for when you keep asking him if he's ok!!"

Grandma ~ not impressed.

Grandpa ~ laughing quietly at the end of the table....

1 comment:

Nathan & Tara said...


Love it.
So Molly-coddler gets it back!