Monday, June 1, 2009


1. For having over 2500 things to be grateful for already this year!
2. For drop-in visitors at the office! (even if one of them licks the wrapped up candies and puts them back, haha!)
3. For getting some new things to write about for the paper.
4. For the MIFF meeting.
5. For the peaches and cream oatmeal I had for breakfast, mmmm!
6. For the suggestion of going to the Stratford Festival, which I love going to...
7. For the meeting with Humber working out and officially being a faculty member there! Woop woop!

1 comment:

Nathan & Tara said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaa! love the candy-licking and find it intriguing the stratford festival made your top 7... hhhmmmmm