Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Slew of Sunday Sevens

Clearly I have been preoccupied. But I'm back on track!!!

1. For being able to reconnect with my grade 1 bf who moved far far away many years ago.
2. For the delightfully warm weather we've been having.
3. For the anticipation of my new car!!!!
4. For Erin making the two hour trek to see me yesterday :)
5. For the walk at the beach today - true I was in my hoodie, vest and scarf, but it was still great!
6. For the friendliness of small towns - I love that so many people smile and say hello to each other.
7. For hearing the wonderfully hilarious things my niece has learned to say, such as "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" hahaha!

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