Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Try to Walk the Line

Patience. Some days I have it, other days I don't. For some situations, my patience is as endless as the drops of water in the ocean, for others, it is as little as a minnow.

Waiting for answers, though, is more the minnow type. I sent through my letter of application to college about 4 weeks ago and am impatiently waiting for the acceptance letter (that's how sure I am that I am getting into this program...I'm saying it right here, right now! I'm in!!). Now, 4 weeks really isn't that long, but in Melissa world, it feels like 4 months!

As each day passes me by, my thoughts are swimming around, wanting to make plans for the future, but are halted by the lack of envelopes in my mailbox. I know I can't really expect for such a prompt reply, but I led myself to believe that the wheels would turn a bit faster for a post-grad program than your regular admissions. Foolish me.

Patience is a virtue. Evidently one that I falter on. I must learn to walk a straighter line...


Nathan & Tara said...

houray! you didn't mention this tonight?!
love the new layout ;)

Echo said...

oh babe, I know just how you feel! It will come and in the meantime enjoy the suspense and the delight you get every time you go get the mail! Text me as soon as it arrives. xo