Monday, July 27, 2009

Simply Seven

I should start calling this just Sevens. Seems I don't get around to this on Sundays as often as I thought I would!!

1. For all the rain that washed off the water spots left over from my backyard car wash
2. Haha, for the rain that washed off all the bugs that reappeared smeared on my car a couple days after the backyard car wash!!
3. For the delightful company of Tara on my 'search for nice neighbourhoods' excursion
4. For a great couple days of just chillin' with Charlotte
5. For the delightful advice from the lady at Laurier's Career Services
6. For my now stellar looking resume ;)
7. For my trusty car

1 comment:

Nathan & Tara said...

houray! made the list again!