Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Huntin' Season

Buck n' Doe Season is midway through. And I haven't really been to all that many of them yet this year. Which is a shame, because really, throwing a few dollars towards someone's wedding instead of lining the pocket of a bar owner isn't all that bad of thing to do.

And those Bucks usually have at least one fine looking friend or family member who has come out to show support too. Another reason why it's a shame to miss out on them, haha!!

Last weekend I was in Walkerton, and my friends and I went out to a Buck n' Doe, held at the Knights of Columbus centre. And you know that musty smell you often associate with old folks?? Well, that is how it smelled. Kinda gross. Just made us drink up faster so our olfactory senses would be lessened.

But in all sincerity, it was a great time. Lots of room to sit around and chat with friends, lots of room on the dance floor to bust a move, and never ending bowls of popcorn~and not the microwave kind, SmartFood popcorn!! And of course, relatively cheap drinks. I didn't win any of the door prizes and such, but I didn't know the couple, so really, I would feel bad for taking a prize.

My brother and Jen have set their buck n' doe (or as they call it, their Stag n' Doe) for August. Should be a good time. I don't really know what kinds of games and prizes they have organized for it yet, but I'm in the midst of convincing them to have a Rock-Paper-Scissor tournament, and call it the Five Knuckle Shuffle!! Haha!! I hope they do it!

I took this picture of them this past weekend, and I am also trying to convince them to use it for the Buck n' Doe. It's so sweet. This is probably the only time my brother will don a cowboy hat, even if it is only a straw one.

My brother says that his buck n' doe will be so great, that from now on, they will be called Mike n' Jens.....hahaha, we'll see!!

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Amanda said...

Who's Buck n'Doe was in Walkerton? (I went to High School there...)