Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bend It

I could sit here and type that I am coming along in my soccer skills, and that I will be the next Mia Hamm in no time at all.

I could.

But that would be too much of a lie.

I will, however, note that my soccer skills are coming along and I am doing much better than last year! This season, my goal is to perfect my kick~to actually boot the ball hard enough that it goes flying up in the air and quite a ways down the the field.

My pansy chicken legs and clumsy feet often lead to short kicks that the balls skims across the surface of the field. Eek.

Practise last night proved otherwise, and I was hard to contain my glee!! We were practising corner kicks, and with each successive shot I had, the higher and farther it went. I felt like a superstar.

The coach we had last year is not coaching for us this year. His work schedule has changed or something. For a kid who hadn't played soccer since elementary school, I think I did pretty well last year, and that I learned a lot from him. This year, one of our own players, has stepped up to act as coach for our practises. She coaches her son's little league team. (Hehehe...I bet they could beat us...) She's focusing on different things this year that what Rob did. He was more about rules and stuff, where she is more about strategy. It's kind of cool to combine the two, remembering what he told us and mixing it in with what Deb's got going on.

Last night, a new player to our team was having trouble with her corner kicks, and she asked for tips. No one offered any, so I opened my mouth and offered advice that Rob had given me last year~just try it from a different angle. It's kind of wierd, at practise, when the heat is not on, I can remember all the rules, I don't panic as soon as I get the ball, my shots are good. I can convey it teammate apparently and help them out! But when I'm on the field in the game, all that goes to hell...I forget what is what and just kick. But I am trying to put more conscious effort looking around and taking the time I have. Ahhhh...we'll see how it goes.

Maybe I'll be the next Mia Hamm. Maybe I'll perfect my kick. Maybe I'll be able to bend it like Beckham.

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