Thursday, May 24, 2007

Friends, hello? Friends???

At this very exact moment, it is 11:36am on Thursday May 24, 2007. Stargazer has been offline since 5pm on Tuesday. A whole 42 hours and 38 minutes. She has not been on msn to babble with me while at work, she has not been posting blogs.

And fair enough. After all, she has finished at work and she is getting prepared to move. I wouldn't be on my computer either.

I keep checking her blog to see if she's posted, and checking mine to see if she's commented. In the back of my head, I know she has better things to do; I did not ever realise just how...addicted I was to her on the internet! That's insane that I just said addicted, but really, that is what it is like. When I am bored, or annoyed, or think of funny things, I just tell her. A click of the mouse.

Once she is moved back to Ontario, I don't know what she'll be up to, and what her internet access will be. She likely won't be online all the time now. (Ahem, again....fair enough. We don't need to be on it ALL THE TIME.)

Now...sigh....I'll have to find a new internet best friend. I keep jumping from blog to blog, looking for someone who is in Ontario. I haven't come across many Canadian blogs yet. Well, I am sure they are there, but my blog-searching skills must not be that good. Then again, why am I anxious to make a blog-friend? Hello!?!? Danger Stranger!!! I'm having kindergarten flashbacks....

Really, why am I complaining? Stargazer is coming home, she'll be a couple hours drive away from me, versus a couple hours plane ride. I get the real deal!!

I suppose I can do more work this way too. Meh.

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