Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fraudulent Lunch

Today was a sneaky lunch hour for myself, Crystal and Jody. We faked a lunch date, so we could really scam a great dinner.

The company we work for, offers trade packages to various businesses, mainly restaurants, for advertising. In other words, a $5000 ad could be paid for by $2000 cash, and $3000 in gift certificates to that restaurant. We use these trade certificates for various things, such as to host business functions, to treat clients, and to offer as incentives to sales reps, and as thank you's to our office staff members.

Crystal is in charge of the trade: distributing it, tracking it, reporting it. That kind of stuff.

Crystal is also my friend who agrees we get shafted a lot around here.


You see where I am going here?? So earlier this week, Crystal and I decided it was high time that we treated ourselves to lunch, on the company's dime. But we really only get a half hour lunch time, not much for going downtown and enjoying a nice meal.

We conspired. Crystal requested that she be able to treat Jody and I to lunch, for doing such a great job around here. Our sales manager approved it.

We agreed to "fake" a lunch excursion, but in reality, go for dinner instead.

We went to my house for lunch. I made myself a grilled cheese. Crystal and Jody brought sandwiches from home. We sat around my living room and giggled at our sly genius. When enough time had passed to make it believable that we would be able to rush downtown and gobble food, we headed back~we got the extension on our lunch hour ok'd by the sales manager.

So now, in less than 3 hours, we will be sitting in a cozy little Italian restaurant, sipping the house wine, eating crab and lobster cakes, waiting for our gourmet entrees to arrive.

And no one will be the wiser.

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