Friday, May 25, 2007

How unusual.....

I thought that for today, I would entertain with some strange and unusual news. I've skimmed over a several headlines on While the story of the man who tried to smuggle 700 snakes on a plane in Cairo is amusing, I took a unanimous vote (though I was the only voter...) to comment on the man who was arrested and sentenced to 16 months of jail for stealing $34.00 worth of gas in Saskatchewan. Take a peek at this....

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. (CP) - Talk about the high price of gas.

A Winnipeg man has been sentenced to 16 months in jail after stealing about $34 worth of fuel from a service station in Morse, Sask. RCMP were called to the station on Wednesday. They quickly spotted their suspect vehicle on the Trans-Canada highway and a chase ensued.
The driver avoided one spike belt and stopped the vehicle prior to running over a second.

Ksamil Kalturnyk, 22, appeared in Swift Current court later that afternoon and pleaded guilty to charges of possession of stolen property, theft and dangerous driving.
He also pleaded guilty to breaching a conditional sentence order.

Now....I know that gas prices are getting ridiculous again. I think today the price is "good" at $1.075/litre here in London. But it was reaching $1.15 on the weekend, I hear it topped out at $1.24 somewhere in Ontario. I have no idea what it was elsewhere in the country. More specifically, what the gas was in Morse, Saskatchewan (which, I don't even know where that is). But was it really that much that Mr. El-Cheapo had to steal it? I mean, hey, I would love free gas too. But to steal it??? Ummmmmm.......maybe not so much. What a tool. I love that he was also charged with dangerous driving, and that he was breaching a conditional sentence order. So what was that? Grand theft auto? That would be too ironic.

And in further unusual about the chicken who turned into a rooster? Yeah....hen to cock. That's right. No more eggs for that chicken owner. It has undergone a rare, but natural, sex change. Who knew that could happen? Not this kid....hmmm.

Well. I think that tops out my unusual news.

Wait. No it doesn't. I found this one on is cracking down on illegal roadside stall vendors who sell such items as illegal pirated DVD's, fake brand name makeup, and puppies. Yes puppies. Would you buy a puppy from a stall on the side of a road? Apparently some people in China do. Now I wonder if those puppies are purebred or knockoffs........

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