Monday, May 14, 2007

Sweet Auntie!!

Olivia Elizabeth Lynn was born on October 5th, 2005. At first, I thought, so's just a baby. No big deal. Why is everyone making such a big deal?

Now I beg to differ....such a big deal, and I am going to gush about this kid. She is the first baby to be had by any of my siblings. My brother beat my sister to the line, but made up for it by asking her and her husband to be the God parents. She was delighted to say yes. So now I get to have the role of favourite aunt. Well, I can try for it anyways. And this is how I intend to do so...
1. I will teach her the meaning of humour and wit. I have begun this already by teaching her to say "redrum" in a scratchy voice and to wiggle her index finger. While she is just learning to talk right now, I feel that in no time, she will grasp this act. My brother and Jen are getting married in September, and my goal is to have her say this to the wedding guests. The good news is that my mother finds this funny. The bad news is that it creeps out Jen. (Mission accomplished then.) I am also teaching her the use of 'Spirit Fingers', and will one day watch Bring it On with her.

3. Ok. I am at a loss of what else I will specifically do, other than bestow her with copious amounts of love. When she is eating Cheese Nips and offers one to me, regardless that she just put it in her own mouth and dropped it on the floor, I will accept it with smiles and gratitude. (Then gingerly put it behind me so she doesn't see that I haven't eaten it).
And when the time comes, I'll introduce her to the good beer, not that crap her parents drink. Hehehee.....

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Stargazer said...

aww she is just the most delightful looking thing. And looks EXACTLY like your family!