Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why lie???

Sigh. Most memorable call of the week.

Me: "Good afternoon, Melissa speaking."

Crazyman: "Hello, am I speaking to a manager of this company?"

Me: "You are speaking with the Customer Service Associate of Canada."

Crazyman: "Good. You can tell me who authorizes your company to produce your Sarnia-Lambton directory. Where you get the information from."

Me: "Ok sir. Well, we purchase all of our listing information from the local utility companies."

Crazyman: "I don't believe you. I just got off the phone from XXX Company, and they said they do not give out listing information. Do you actually buy it from them, or copy it all out directly from their book?"

Me: "We purchase the information, sir. They provide it to us in electronic files. Several companies purchase this information from them."

Crazyman: "Well that is not what they said."

Me: "I am sorry they told you this sir, however, I assure you, this is the situation. What seems to be your concern?"

Crazyman: "Well there is a listing in here that should not be here."

Me: "I apologize sir. We are aware that unfortunately we do get provided with outdated information. The files they send us are not the files they use for their own directory."

Crazyman: "Well, it's my parents. And they have been dead for two years. This is the third time you have listed this!!"

(That's right, dead for TWO years, but we've listed it THREE times since.)

Me: "Sir, we've only produced a Sarnia directory for two years."

Crazyman: "....that is what I meant."

Me: "I certainly apologise if this has caused you any grief, I can process a request to have this listing removed in the future should XXX Company provide this information to us again."

Crazyman: "Well, I would like to tell you how much this upsets me, I mean, they have been dead for two years. I just want to let you know that if this happens again, it will be a police issue."

Me: "I can appreciate your concern sir. As I said, this is information provided to us by another company, you would really have to take it up with them."

Crazyman: "Well I tried. And they said they don't do it."

Me: "As I said sir, they do. The person you would have spoken with would just be a regular customer service representative. They would know nothing of what the corporate business sales are."

Meanwhile I am typing in a directory search engine, search this phone number....and find a listing for his dead parents online....on three different sites.

Crazyman: "I'll call that department then."

Me: "Ok. Just to make you aware, I have just taken the liberty of searching this phone number online, and have located it listed as your parents name and address on three sites."

Crazyman: "I don't believe you."

Me: "Ok then. I'll process your request. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience to you and your family. Have a nice day."

Crazyman: "Fine."

I hang up the phone, and reach over for my Sarnia directory. Figure I'll confirm the address he gave me because he rushed through it, and I want to make sure I get it removed accordingly.

Hmmmm......there seems to be NO LISTING FOR THE DEAD PARENTS IN THE DIRECTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think to myself, oh, maybe he is looking in last year's book. Open that one. Still no listing for these people.

HE MADE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! He just harangued me for nothing!!!!

Honestly. Some people.

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