Friday, May 25, 2007

Back that thought up

Back in January, I took a TESOL course with two of my friends. We all made plans to travel overseas and teach English somewhere. Emily and Sophie had one semester of university left. After completing the course, I began to think hmmmm......while going overseas would be exciting and amazing, maybe it's not the best idea of my life right now. While I don't have a husband and children~let alone a boyfriend~to worry about leaving behind, I started getting concerned about the "things" that I own, and what would I do with them?? For example, my car. It's on a lease. What on earth would I do with it and not lose out on money? And all my furniture, and get the drift. And further from that, did I want to escape to Asia for a year, maybe more, and put off more time of "growing up and settling down"? Eek.

But my worries were laid to rest when my mother presented me with an opportunity to build a business with her (which, if I might ad, is coming along quite swimmingly). My panic sudsided as I discussed with my mom what my goals are and the kinds of things I would like to see myself doing to reach them. Taking the TESOL course will somehow fit in somewhere, I like to think it was not just throwing away my money.

Back to Sophie and Emily. They stayed true to the plan. Sophie got a job in Slovakia, Emily got a job in China. Both are set to leave in the next 2 months or so. (I'll cry when they are both gone.) And now that the warm weather has arrived, we are hitting up the patios, kickin' it back with a beer, and making the most of the time we've got. That's Sophie on the left, Erin in the middle and Emily on the right....I'm gonna need another beer soon if I keep thinking about them going.....sniff sniff.

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T.S. said...

kool...keep this updated when i am in slovakia so i can keep updated on your life in kanada!