Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nectar of the Gods

I like beer. There is no two ways around it. Good beer, bad beer~premium brands, bottom of the barrel brands. Sweet golden brew.

I usually choose buy cases of Moosehead or Alexander Keith's. Show my Canadian pride. But when the funds are low...you've just gotta swing that way. Lucky for me, I find some of those bottom brands a tasty treat.

One snowy afternoon a few years ago, when my university roommate Mary Jane was lucky enough to have her parents car for the day, we took a trip to the Beer Store. Somewhere in the past school year, we had come across Molson Stock Ale. Now this really is the scrapings at the bottom. And just like me, Mary Jane appreciates a fine, bad beer. (Some of you might call it Old Man Beer.) We place our order: one 2-4 of Molson Stock Ale. The Beer Store guy looked at us funny, paused, then turned around and disappeared into the store room.

He returned, several minutes later. Evidently, cases of Molson Stock are not at the front of the store room. Those spots are reserved for beers like Canadian, Blue and Coors Light (all of which, I ironically despise). He placed the case on the counter. He looked us in the eye, bent over the case and blew on it. Dust scattered towards us.

He stood back up and said "Here you go ladies, enjoy...."

One might think to themselves that a dusty case of beer is a bad situation. Not us. It was still delicious and refreshing. Still did the job.

So be adventurous. Try those cheap beers, try every kind you can.

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Good Girl said...

Mmm, I love beer! Haven't had any of those beers, though. Great blog. Seems like you're always having fun!