Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fabulous Five

Ok, so I haven't particularly been in the best of moods lately, just a little down on life. I need to buck up and stand tall, and take life for what it is.

Sometimes a little reminder of what is good in life is all it takes. So here I go. Here are five things I am grateful for in my life.

1. Family ~ I am grateful to have family members who are close knit and loving, and who will stay by each other's side for the long haul. That even though we don't always agree with each other, we haven't turned our backs on each other, as some of our other family members have done to each other.

2. Friends ~ I am grateful to have friends who seem to want to keep me around (hahaha). Friends who can make me laugh and giggle, and feel appreciated and respected. Friends who take me for who I am.

3. My job that I hate ~ Yes, I hate my job, but I am grateful to have it, as it provides solid employment, a decent pay, includes a benefit package, and has taught me valuable skills that I can carry forward into the workforce. If I did not have this job, I might not be able to have some the 'luxuries' in my life that I enjoy on a regular basis. Additionally, my job does allow me for some freedom in the workplace that I might not get with another organization.

4. My car ~ I am grateful to have a reliable, fuel-efficient car. It allows me the freedom to travel as I please. I can visit friends and family who live elsewhere at anytime, and not have to rely on anyone else to do so. I can carry out my errands without hassle, I can jump in my car on a whim and go somewhere, I can attend to family emergencies at the drop of a hat.

5. Being Canadian ~ That's right, I am grateful to be a Canadian. There are many places in the world who face poverty and war, who don't have clean water and enough food, and who don't have appropriate social systems in place--like healthcare. There are many things to be said for living in North America, where we are all able to lead our lives in such afforded comfort, that we should all be grateful for. While I don't necessarily agree with all that the government does (or does not do), it is minuscule compared to the benefits; Canadians are given so many rights and opportunities that many others in the world don't get. I truly am thankful to be Canadian.

Now I just need to keep reminding myself of these things, get my head out of my ass and smarten up.


Stargazer said...

That is a solid fab five hun. I am glad to be included as a friend who wants to keep you around xo

Laura said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love your fab five esp the part about being Canadian, I can't wait to be back and I appreciate my homeland so much more after living abroad for 7 years. It really is the best place in the world! Sorry you had to deal with such a charming customer at work, nice, grrrr.

Laura :o)