Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A holiday that has "2-4" in the name, must be good!

I might have just had the best long weekend I've had in years. It was one of those weekends that didn't fly by....so heavenly, LOL!!!

This May 2-4 weekend started with drinks after work on Friday with some co-workers. All of whom were sales reps, and who kicked off early. So by the time I got there, they were near ready to leave. But oh well, I still had time for a pint, a bit of bread and several jokes~some of which I was the butt of. Jerks. No worries, I am good at giving it back ;)
Saturday was a perfect day. My family met up at my grandparents house. (My brother and Jen finally got a car, I've been released from taxi duty!) Got to see my niece Olivia, ran around the yard after her, walked back and forth across the deck with her, as she has a new thrill over stairs, but she isn't very good at going down them yet. Hehehe, you can see here the t-shirt I bought for her that says "Nacho Baby"....way to funny....She wasn't as camera happy as she usually is, though, so getting a good shot of her looking at the camera this weekend was tough. But I digress....it was Grandma's birthday, we had some cake, drank mass quantities of tea (as always), and enjoyed the sunny day.
Back home, my roommate, our friend Tara and I made our way to the country bar, Cowboys. Which, if I have to be honest, is one of the worst country bars I've ever been to. I'm a country lover, but the atmosphere of this place usually screams meat market, and is full of scantily clad girls who don't like country, but go there for the guys. Walking through the dance floor, a little too much grinding goes on. Eek. But thankfully, since it was the long weekend, it was not busy at all! Really, the only reason we went was because the guy playing, Larry Berrio, is well known for his nut-hugging jeans. My friends have been telling me about him (and laughing at the same time) for a couple years now. Our chance to see him came, and we couldn't miss it! Erin is convinced he strategically places a sock in his pants, which, real or fake, he proudly displays. So gross and so funny at the same time. I think he must have used ankle socks this time around though, as it was not as 'featured' as I have heard about....
Sunday was a bit of a write off. Slept until 11:00, went for breakfast, came home and slept until 5:00. Ahhhh....so nice. Had a little dinner, went for a campfire, came back and watched "The Last Kiss" (which I highly recommend, good movie!).
Monday was another spectacular day! We went out to the Pinery, a provincial park on Lake Huron, where we spent the day hiking and canoeing. I haven't had a day like that in years, it was so amazing!!! Here are some of the pictures I took.... There were so many trilliums in the bush, I didn't know they came in such a multitude of colours! I thought they were just white, but there were pink and purple ones too. So tempted to pick one.....hahaha....if you don't know, the trillium is the emblem of Ontario, and are illegal to pick~though I'm sure almost every kid has picked one for their mom at some point!!
Canoeing skills were put to the test....nearly tipped the boat. I can't even begin to explain how Tara and I switched seats in the canoe and that I got stuck under her legs cause I was laughing too hard and couldn't move...I hope no one was watching!!

And finally, a shot of me, being a tool....zipped my hoody all the way up and made my friends laugh...this move never fails! Don't judge me too harsh....

And now I can't wait for the Canada Day long weekend. Hopefully it will be able to compare. I think we are headed to Port Stanley. Though I think I will leave my zippy hoody at home, since we won't be alone in the woods where I can make an ass of myself.

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