Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Date for the Date

While September is still a ways down the road, I am starting to experience a bit of panic. (Not over my impending move, which I am thoroughly delighted about.) But rather, panic of whom I am going to bring as my date to my brother's wedding.

In a combination between my poor skills of staying in touch with friends, my continual moving around, my neurotic theory that men are the plague and thus I must stay away from them or I will die a horrible death ~ a theory that I have worked very hard to lay to rest ~ and finally, my inability to say intelligent things to guys I meet, has resulted in one thing: I no longer have friends of the male variety.

Meaning I don't have anyone to act as a backup date should I fail to get a real date.

And apparently my friends feel that I just might not get one either. In fact, my dear friend Sophie feels so strong about this, she pimped off her friend Justin to me last night. She called me shortly after 9pm (shortly after she and Justin finished chugging a carbomb), and in an excited glee told me that she found my date. Justin came on the phone, and in his dazzling Aussie accent, told me that he was available for weddings and parties, and will keep the whole of September available just for me. He said it would be nice if we could meet before hand to work out the details and you know...get to know each other a bit. But that I should know he's easy going, not easy.... I was tempted to ask him if he charged a fee...

He then proceeded to give me his phone number and email address, as if he was serious. So now I ask myself, IS HE SERIOUS??? Which leads me to the thought of 'Well maybe now I have a backup...' As if I am contemplating this. As if I am contemplating Sophie's second hand date.

Wow. I need some options here folks. While I would be content to show up at the wedding with one of my girl friends, I don't really want put fuel on the fire over suspicions of which way my sexuality swings. I don't really date very much (uhh, see the reasons listed above) and when I do, I don't bring them around my family, because honestly, why would I do that? So I am always bringing a girl friend to things and it makes my family wonder. Even though I tell them, it doesn't seem to matter...grrr...families!!!! And then there is the option of going alone. Also a fine idea until I consider the guest list and cringe at the thought of my brother's weirdo friends hitting on me all night. Sigh.... So who do I have to ask? The boy....I could ask Jon, but that situation ended bizarre and while we claim to be friends, I just don't know if he would come.

I could just ask him to pimp out his friends....

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