Friday, July 20, 2007

The Gist of the Conversation

As msn'd earlier this week......

Me: Yeah, it's messed...growing up

Simon: Yeah, I think I want to change things

Me: Like what?

Simon: I want to go back to school or something.


Simon: I'm going to sell out of the company so I can do that.

Me: Are you kidding??

Simon: No, for real.

Me: Hmmm.....and what do you want to go to school for?

Simon: Environmental Management

Me: That's pretty cool.

Simon: I could apply to school anywhere....Here in Australia, or New Zealand, the UK...


(As I search for the York and U of T post grad websites to send him the links)

Simon: I could, lol!

Me: Ha. Ha. Ha. So selling out, eh??

Simon: Yeah, I don't want to be tied down

Me: TIED DOWN!?!?!?!? Does this mean you are NOT going to marry me after all!?!?!?!?

Simon: Geographically, Melissa, geographically....

(Breathe a sigh of relief)

Simon: So would you ever live in New Zealand????

  • I'm pretty sure that meant he is going to propose to me. Any day now. I've finally worn him down. Thank heavens.


Stargazer said...

yup it's coming any day now...

Melissa said...

Excellent. I'm glad you agree....