Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

I have to admit it. After my last post all heartfelt and concerned for the authors of the bargain section at the bookstore, I betrayed those hardworking writers.

I went to Chapter's today to stroll around (actually went to find a specific kind of book, they had three on the topic, do you think I found any of them???) and found myself in the Bargain Books section. Ah ha! I could purchase myself a thrifty $4.99 book and support some random author I've never heard of. I browsed the shelves, I picked up a few books and read the back or the inner jackets. A few sounded good. But alas, my bladder was full and I need to find the ladies room. I had every intent of returning to the Bargain Books section to decide on a book to purchase. (I've recently banned myself from shopping at Winner's/Homesense and the mall, so I need somewhere to spend my money!!)

I was derailed at the humour section. There I saw it. Are you there, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. The book I've been wanting to read for many a month. I even attempted to locate it at the library, but it was always on loan to some other person who undoubtedly was splitting their sides at that very moment reading her prose.

Sigh. The internal conversation began. Do I buy it? Do I put it down? What about my new plan for the Bargain Books? Should I just shun them because I haven't heard a word about them? Do I want to toss all of my values aside for sake of humour????

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I peed. I purchased. I am about to read. I am a hypocrite.

(Bah, oh well, what can you expect?? Next time, next time I swear I'll go with the original plan.)

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