Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movin' on and movin' up

Moving. Relocate. Transplant.

In just a matter of days I am shimmying myself back to independence! What has felt like clipped wings are free and full again, ready to fly.

*To be honest, I clipped my own wings. It was no one's fault by my own. Shame, shame, for shame.

November 1 the sweet and quaint apartment is mine. November 6 will see my delightful belongings on display exactly how I want them. They have been boxed up for two years. TWO YEARS!!! My serving tray has been doomed to the gloom of a box. My artwork carefully wrapped up and packed up. My scrapbooks full of happy memories have been ushered to silence. And I...well I have been biding my time. I feel the return of all of me is on it's way!!

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